7 Worst Interview Mistakes ...


Worst Interview Mistakes can mean the difference between getting the job of your dreams and getting passed over, if you commit them. You’ve decided it’s time for a new job; your resume is updated and absolutely perfect, you’ve filled out countless applications, and searched job boards for hours. Now you’ve landed an interview and you are terrified -- especially of committing the worst interview mistakes, the ones that could easily cause you to flub up and fail to get the job. An interview is a rare luxury for the job hunter and you’ve got to be sure you make the most of it! Be careful to avoid these 7 worst interview mistakes.

1. Showing up Late

What time you show up for your interview says a lot about you. You’ve only just walked in and already assumptions have been made and a label has been assigned. Showing up late screams “I don’t care,” and it make employers assume that if you can’t show up on time for an interview you won’t be on time for work either. It's easily the worst interview mistake you can possibly make, and will generally cause the hiring manager to cross you off the list before you've said a word.

Not Dressing the Part
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