Why You Should Value Your Female Friendships ...


Why  You Should Value Your Female Friendships ...
Why  You Should Value Your Female Friendships ...

If you are anything like me, then you will have a large group of social acquaintances that can then be whittled down to around five or six close gal pals that you would class as your absolute besties! There are good reasons why you should value your female friendships. As you grow up and mature and start to get into your own relationships and climb your own different career ladders, it can be very easy to start taking your female friends for granted and underappreciating them. Just because they might have been there since school or college, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be working as hard to maintain them as you do with your romantic relationships. Here are some reasons why you should value your female friendships.

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No One Knows You Better

There is no one in the world who knows you better than your best female friend. You might be close with your mother, but not even she knows all of the juicy bests and worsts of your life like your BFF. You need to continue to value and cherish that friendship because you always need that one person who you can tell anything to.


She Understands

When you find those women who understand you completely, it makes life so much easier. You develop a kind of shorthand that you use together which makes you feel like part of an exclusive club, and it also makes opening up to each other much easier and less stressful. She will always understand you, no matter what you are going through.



Nobody can tell you how it is like a true BFF! They won’t be afraid to lay down some hard truths when the time calls for it, because they know that what they have to say in the moment is never going to be more profound than the strong friendship that you share with one another. You always need that one person who isn’t afraid to share the cold hard truth with you!



You will be able to track your own evolution as a person based on the kinds of women who you have close friendships with in your life. When you look back through the years, it’s pretty likely that the maturity level has risen in your friendship groups, and this is a great way to show you that you have developed and evolved as a person even if you didn’t notice it happening at the time.



Adult life can be very stressful, so it is vital that you have your core group of female friends around you to allow you to let loose and have fun once in a while! Sure, being in a relationship is fun, but it can also be tense if you are spending every single second together. Being able to go to your girls and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun is the perfect way to stay sane in your adult life!



The sharing benefits of having great, close female friends are limitless! Whether it’s clothes, makeup, relationship tips or secrets, the sharing atmosphere that is prevalent in close female friendships is unlike any other. It allows you to maintain an air of comradery that you might have felt at school all the way through your adulthood.



Once you got to a certain level of friendship with your girls, then you can be sure that they are going to be around for life. When you reach that stage where it would be the weirdest thing in the world not to have that person around, then you know that you have locked them down for life!

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