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7 Reasons Why Men Make Great Friends ...

By Renee

The reasons why men make great friends can truly surprise you. Sure, there are the old stereotypes to contend with: They only want to be friends for one reason, they don’t truly know what a woman needs in a friendship, and on and on. While some of this may be true for some men, there are some gems out there who cherish their friendships with women as much as women do with each other. The following reasons why men make great friends may surprise you, and make you think twice about some of the guys you know!

1 For a Different Perspective

The battle of the sexes may have ended eons ago, but there does still seem to be a difference in how men and women see the world. To gain a new perspective on your life, try to look through someone else’s eyes. One reason why men make great friends, is your guy friend will give you a stripped down version of most issues, and some new words to go with it.

2 Their Rough Edges Can Shine the Light on Some Issues

Yes, they may not know where the nearest charm school is, but those guys who call it like it is have a charm all their own. They tell you what they think without mincing words, and may even teach you to do the same. Within reason, can’t you imagine some situations where that may come in handy?


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3 Their Humor is a Different Beast

Think of a husband and wife that you know. Do they have the same sense of humor, or complimentary different ones? If your best man-friend can make you laugh at things you never thought you would find funny, it may help you to find humor in parts of your life that used to stress you out.

4 They Live by the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Theory

Do the men in your life tell you they fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow? Do they shrug off the girl who doesn’t call? Do they take words at face value? They clearly don’t think over the aggravating details of the day the way you can. Other than getting an excellent night’s sleep, could you find ways to make this work for you too?

5 They Slough off Their Imperfections

Do your guy friends worry about their beach bodies? Do they complain about bad hair days? Do they get frustrated over a negative performance review at work? Why do some guys not care about what people think? And how can we get some of that? Take a note from these particular guys, and the next time the phone doesn’t ring, or it rings and you don’t particularly care for what is said on the other end, shrug it off and go on with your day.

6 They’ll Answer the Phone in the Middle of the Night and Not Hold It against You

When the chips are down, a good guy friend will not only answer the phone in the middle of the night, but may also shop up at your door with fudge ripple and a spoon. When something ruffles you enough to need to talk to someone at o-dark thirty, isn’t it nice to hear the voice of a friend who can make you laugh, see things in a unique perspective, and bring you ice cream?

7 Diversity Good!

There is no trait on this list that your female friends couldn’t provide as well. But isn’t it nice to shake it up, getting different viewpoints, and expand your friendship base? Having a nice assortment of male and female friends only enriches your life in multiple ways. Keep your mind and front door open, and a variety of new friends will be yours!

Friendships truly are one of the greatest joys of life. How have men friends changed your life for the better?

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