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8 Reasons to Skip Your High School Reunion ...

By Konstantina

When it comes to high school reunions there are two types of people. The ones who love them and can’t wait to go and the ones that hate them and look for any excuse to avoid them. Sometimes the category people belong in is highly affected by they high school experiences. If you are looking for a reason to skip your high school reunion then keep on reading.

1 You Had No Friends in School

It’s not that uncommon to simply not fit with anyone in your high school class. You had classmates that you were talking to during breaks but you never had this sense of friendship with anyone. So what’s the point to go to your high school reunion and be reminded of how unpopular you were back then because people were blind to see what an awesome person you are.

2 Financial Reasons

At this point you might live out of state or even out of the country. So you will probably need a lot of money for plane tickets, hotels, and personal expenses and all that for just a few hours with your old classmates. Not to mention that if you really live away you might also need to take some days off from work to make it.


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3 Bullies

Every class has its own bully or bullies. And even if he or she didn’t bully you personally they were still people that made other people’s lives a living hell. Why would you want to see those people again? Also, there is this chance that bullies never really grow out of it so you will likely experience more bullying. Better skip that one.

4 Fake Smiles

There are so many fake smiles going around during these events. Even people that don’t even remember your name will have this fake smile plastered on their face, ask general questions about your life now and pretend they are interested in whatever it is you’re saying while they secretly wish you will go talk to someone else. It doesn’t matter that you might be talking about something extremely interesting, they will still not pay attention.

5 Old Exes

The high school romance. Some have fond memories of it, it was their first touch with relationships. Others have bad memories of it, like a bad break up, a partner that couldn’t keep his mouth shut and spilled every detail of your relationship to the entire class or even pregnancy fears that went on for weeks. Many times meeting your high school exes might bring back bad memories that you would prefer they would stay forgotten. Not to mention there is a chance one of these old exes assuming you still have many things in common and might flirt all night causing you to question your judgment back then.

6 You Are Already in Touch with the Few People You Wanted to Keep Communication with

If you found real friendship back in high school you are most likely still friends or even communicate with them on a regular basis so going to the high school reunion to see what’s going on in their lives is kind of pointless. You already know. As for people you didn’t keep communication with, well, that was exactly the point. You didn’t want to. So why would a high school reunion change that?

7 People Turn It into a Competition

Do you remember this teen in your class that would ask everyone what grade they received in that assignment you all had and would proceed to tell you how much better he did? Yeah, that rarely goes away. These events might turn into a competition when people will start to talk and compare careers, salaries, marriage, or even their children. They will turn the tiniest thing into a competition which can be tiring.

8 The Single “curse”

When you are single and you don’t bring anyone as your plus one, you are in for a night of interrogation about the reasons why. Many people don’t get that you might like being single or that you simply decided on some single time after a bad break up or a long term relationship. It is more than possible that you will hear comments like “don’t you get lonely?” or “it’s so sad that you are single”. On top of that, there is the danger of matchmakers that will have you wishing to be somewhere different. You will also might have to listen to your old classmates comparing successful marriages and perfect children all night.

High school reunions can be awesome or a disaster. Think long and deep before you decide if you want to go. Surely there are many reasons to go but going and regretting it the first five minutes is not ideal. You better take a few moments to weigh your options before you decide what to do.

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