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Why Should You Care about the Environment?

By Alison

Do you ever think about the environment and the impact we make upon it? Do you think that one person can't make a difference, so there's no point even trying? If you're not really worried about environmental issues, it's time to take an interest - here's why you should care about the environment …

1 It Affects Everyone

Every single one of us is affected by the environment. If it suffers, then so do we. We need to be concerned about what is happening to it, so that we can start to take action. We should all think about the impact that our actions and decisions have on the environment, and try to minimise the effect we have.

2 We Need to Look after Our Planet

Our modern, technological lifestyle has caused huge damage to the environment. As the population grows, there will be an even greater demand for food, housing and transport, all of which have a major effect on the environment. We only have one planet, so it's vital to take care of it and try to limit or even reverse the damage we have caused so far.

3 Future Generations

We don't tend to give much thought to the effect we have on the environment, and even less about the future. Remember that we are only the caretakers of the planet, not its owners, and will be leaving a legacy to future generations. It is our responsibility to hand over the planet in the best possible state to our children.

4 A Healthy Environment is Better for Our Health and Well-Being

There's no denying that urban living is not the healthiest environment to be living in, with its traffic and pollution. But if we decide to use public transport instead of our own car, we are reducing the amount of pollution we cause. A healthy planet is better for both our health and well-being, and will improve our quality of life.

5 Looking after Our Resources

Our planet does not have an infinite store of natural resources, so every time we use them we are using up something that cannot be replaced. We really need to be conscious of what we consume, and do our best to reduce our consumption of those resources. A good phrase to remember is 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', which encourages us to be responsible consumers.

6 People &Animals Suffer Because of Environmental Damage

Environmental damage causes a huge amount of suffering to animals and people. From tribes in the Amazon displaced by tree felling to the health problems caused by transport pollution, it can affect lives in very serious ways. Animals lose their territory or can't find food because of human activity. It's our duty to be aware of this damage and try to reduce it.

7 We're All Responsible

Every single one of us is responsible for causing environmental damage; in the modern world it's impossible to live without making any environmental impact. However, we can try to limit the harm we cause, and live a relatively sustainable lifestyle. How can you do this? Start by using public transport or cycling wherever possible), buying second-hand clothes and other items, and buying locally-made produce direct from the manufacturer.

Together we can make a positive difference and help improve the environment. Everyone should do their bit! What will you do today to help the environment?

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