5 Awesome Reasons Why Living at the Beach is Great ...


5 Awesome Reasons Why Living at the Beach is Great ...
5 Awesome Reasons Why Living at the Beach is Great ...

Want to know why living at the beach is so great? Do love the beach? Are you missing the salty smell of the ocean? Are you looking to be happier in life? Do you miss the sexy surfer dudes? Are you looking for a change in your life? Do you dream of taking moonlight walks on the beach? Do you consider yourself a beach girl? If so you should consider these 5 reasons why living at the beach is so great.

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All the HOT Guys

There are hot guys everywhere. Every summer you will find some sexy eye candy, from surfer dudes to lifeguards. And that's one of the best reasons why living at the beach is so great.


You Will Feel More Relaxed

Being at the beach makes you feel chill and calm. The sun, the sand, and the sound of the ocean have a calming vibe to it. Living at the beach likely means that you won’t feel as stressed about things in your life.


The Sun Improves Happiness

Being in the sun will make you feel more motivated, happy, and give you more energy. Living at the beach will make you feel better, both mentally and physically.


You’ll Be More Confident

Being at the beach will motivate you to feel more confident about your body. A lot of the locals spend their mornings walking the beach and boardwalk before work. You feel like starting your morning off right and want to join the locals as you feel the sand between your toes on a morning walk.


The Food and Rides

There will always be an assortment of awesome beach food. Whether your favorite boardwalk food is seafood, french fries, popcorn, or fresh squeezed lemonade the beach will have it. Depending on the beach, there are also amusement parks with amazing rides perfect for you and the family.

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