Good Reasons Why You Should Try Burlesque Dance at Least Once ...


Good Reasons Why You Should Try Burlesque Dance at Least Once ...
Good Reasons Why You Should Try Burlesque Dance at Least Once ...

There are several reasons why you should try burlesque dancing at least once. When it comes to trying out new dances in the form of lessons, the usual options for most people are things like tap, jazz, Latin or maybe something like Charleston if you are feeling fancy. However, have you ever considered turning up the heat a few degrees and trying your hand at burlesque? Once upon a time, it might have been something that was reserved for the back alley clubs and the smoke-filled cabaret rooms, but these days burlesque is positively mainstream! Lots of people see it as a great way to be more active whilst also exploring a new and unseen side of themselves. Here are some reasons why you should try burlesque dancing at least once.

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Something New

pink, purple, entertainment, stage, beauty, How many times in your adult life do you get to discover and try something really new? For most people, burlesque will definitely fall into that category, so why not open yourself up to a little unknown excitement for the first time in a long time? Let your hair down and embrace a different kind of activity for once! Trying something new is one of the best reasons why you should try burlesque dancing at least once.



performing arts, entertainment, performance, dancer, musical theatre, A lot of women tend to stay away from certain activities because they are worried about their age, or their size, or something else, but the beauty of burlesque is that it is inclusive to everyone! Some of the world’s greatest burlesque performers have been plus-sized beauties, so if that is what you are worried about, you really don’t need to be. Burlesque is a world where everything is considered beautiful.



drag queen, performance, performance art, girl, Burlesque is certainly about exuding a physical beauty, but it is also about forging and upholding a new found self-confidence that will make you feel sexy on the inside too! It is all about possessing the power in a situation, and although burlesque performing is restricted to a certain dance environment, the confidence that you gain from doing it can be used in all other areas of your life.


Channel Creativity

computer wallpaper, screenshot, The great thing about burlesque is that it isn’t about learning a set series of steps like the tango or the foxtrot, it’s about opening up a creative channel within you to come up with lots of different ideas. It encompasses everything from makeup to music to fashion and gives you a chance to really unleash a creative side of yourself that you didn’t know existed.



entertainment, performance, girl, performance art, darkness, Unlike so many other dance or art forms that require you to conform to a certain stereotype, the beauty of burlesque is that it is open to interpretation and allows you to forge your own personality. You could be classic and traditional, you could be modern, you could be gothic, you could take inspiration from a certain nationality or culture; all and any avenues are open when it comes to experimenting with the art of burlesque. You can play up the sensual side of things, or you can play up the comedic side of things, whichever feels the most authentic to you!

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