9 Whimsical Ways to Rep Your Home State ...

No matter where you are now, home is always home and there are lots of fun ways to rep your home state. Whether you prefer to show your love through art, fashion or jewelry, there are tons of ways to show your state pride in a stylish and chic way. Iā€™m not referring to embarrassing T-shirts or cheesy key chains, no way! There are so many beautiful and unique accessories that will make you proud to show off your roots. Peep some of these whimsical ways to rep your home state and be proud!

1. State Love Mug

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One of the ways to rep your home state that you can take with you wherever you go is with a mug. Get yourself a hand-painted mug that shows your home state as well as your new home and display your journey for all to see. You can also get a special message written on the back if you wish, so it makes an awesome gift for someone moving or a long distance relationship as well! These mugs are available at etsy.com.

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