7 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Lounge ...


Looking for ways to spruce up your house? Here are some lovely ideas by guest contributor Rosella Pollard.

It’s official. Staying in is the new going out. So, we're going to show you how to spruce up your lounge with fabulous sofas, lavish lights and glorious accessories which are so fantastic that you’ll love staying in! Did somebody say shopping spree?

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The Chesterfield 4 Seater Sofa, Couch

The Chesterfield 4 Seater Sofa, Couch We’re sure you’ve seen this thing of beauty before, the Chesterfield is a modern classic, the crème de la crème of couches, the bee’s knees…You get the picture. Place this gorgeous creation pride of place in your living room and let that sofa do the talking.


Roberts Revival DAB Radio

Roberts Revival DAB Radio The vintage trend is experiencing something of a revival at the moment. Channel this movement into your living room with the effortlessly cool Roberts Radio. Available in an array of pastel shades, shut the blinds, play poolside music and be instantly transported back to those hazy summer days.


Little Boxes Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters

Little Boxes Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters It’s so difficult to find a storage unit with character, but this little box wall shelf from Urban Outfitters is just the ticket. With metal number plaques and a distressed finish, this is the perfect place to store all those unique odds and ends that you’ve accumulated over the years.


Heart Shaped Clock, Tiger

Heart Shaped Clock, Tiger For just 4 British pounds you can be the proud owner of this red clock from Swedish designers Tiger. The key to a high-impact living room is to mix designer staples such as sofas and furniture with zany accessories which will make people «ooh» and «ahh» with approval when they visit your home. Be it mismatched photo frames, outlandish plants or avant-garde art, the choice is yours.


Durham Club Chair in Vintage Chestnut, Couch

Durham Club Chair in Vintage Chestnut, Couch When you’re not in the mood for sharing, a cosy armchair is essential. Another offering from the brains behind seating manufacturers Couch, this tempting armchair is ideal for relaxing with an engrossing book. The squishy seat makes sitting on this armchair similar to what we imagine a life-sized marshmallow would feel like. Maximum comfort.


Wall Art, Creative Sobriety

Wall Art, Creative Sobriety Wall art is the fastest way to spruce up your living room and create an energetic, inspirational atmosphere. This print from pop culture brand Creative Sobriety is a fresh, contemporary piece which would look glorious placed on the wall above a statement sofa such as the Couch Chesterfield.


‘Eat’ Light up Fairground Bulb Sign, Goodwin + Goodwin

‘Eat’ Light up Fairground Bulb Sign, Goodwin + Goodwin Goodwin + Goodwin are leading the way in the lighting department with their fun and fabulous fairground style lighting fixtures. Slogan lighting is something of an anomaly in the home ware department but we adore it. If you’re searching for a lighting accessory which will make all your guests stop in their tracks and do a double take, this is the one. «Love», «On» and personalized slogan lights are also available to purchase directly from the brand.

So there you have it, 7 pieces that will immediately change the look of your lounge and give it that je ne sais pas quoi feel! Whether you are a fan of contemporary, vintage or classic style, we hope this article has given you some home decor inspiration!

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I like #1  !

Definitely not my taste

I like a few of these, but if you really want something vintage, with character, and something to make you smile, make it! Some of these things can be made on your own (plus you'll have that satisfaction!) I'd make the shelf on my own, definitely.

I like 4&7

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