What Your Birthstone πŸ’Ž Really πŸ‘Œ Means πŸ—― ...


Ever wanted to know what your birthstone really means? If you are anything like me and have friends and family like mine, then it’s pretty fair to assume that over the course of your life, you have spent many different Christmases and birthdays thanking people for gifts that contain links to your birthstone! You might know exactly what your birthstone is, it’s pretty impossible not to know given the gift-giving culture that surrounds them, but have you have ever actually taken a second to try to find out what your specific stone might actually mean? They are all gorgeous, and they all have their own special meanings and symbolization. So, here's what your birthstone really means.

1. January – Garnet

Garnet has a history and reputation for protecting you when you go on a long journey, and it is also a stone that promotes clarity and courage if you are in a crisis. It’s also been regarded as being good for alleviating grief or loneliness.

February – Amethyst
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