The Defining Color in Your Life According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Defining Color in Your Life According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

What is your favourite colour? We’ve all got one, and if you are one of those contrary people who say they don’t, then quite frankly, I don’t believe you! Whether it’s blue or red or purple or green or anything in between, your favourite colour can actually reveal a lot about your personality, but did you know that you have another colour linked to you that might not be the same? Here is the defining colour in your life according to your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

clothing, footwear, fashion model, shoulder, shoe, Your colour is crimson. It defines the deep passion that you carry with you and that you display in all areas of your life.

2 Taurus

vacation, arecales, tree, palm tree, plant, Your colour is green. It is a calming colour that personifies your ability to remain focused and tranquil in any situation that other signs might find debilitating and stressful.

3 Gemini

yellow, fashion model, fashion, summer, pattern, Your colour is yellow. It is as bright and all consuming as your own bubbly personality. You literally light up any room that you walk in to, much like the sun!

4 Cancer

sitting, vacation, furniture, summer, sea, Your colour is white. Some might regard this as a strange choice, but it signifies your ability to wipe a slate clean and start fresh without bearing any grudges. You are not one to keep hold of the past.

5 Leo

clothing, shoulder, fashion model, outerwear, Your colour is gold, just as majestic and grand as your personality! You don’t do anything by halves, and gold is the sort of extravagant colour that perfectly matches your day to day attitude.

6 Virgo

clothing, coat, fashion, fashion model, outerwear, Your colour is grey, which some might think negatively on, but a Virgo’s best quality is in the way that they can make beautiful things out of seemingly average and normal situations.

7 Libra

pink, fashion model, footwear, shoulder, magenta, Your colour is pink. It is the only colour on the spectrum that is vibrant and memorable enough to match your personality! You are naturally bubbly, and people really miss your presence when you are out of the room!

8 Scorpio

human hair color, beauty, shoulder, hairstyle, girl, Your colour is scarlet. You are bold, brave and independent, which evokes a colour just as strong and defined as your own character.

9 Sagittarius

blue, fashion model, dress, shoulder, cocktail dress, Your colour is blue, preferably a deep royal blue shade because what it comes to represent is the deep well of knowledge and maturity that you have in spades. Maturity comes naturally to you.

10 Capricorn

fashion model, shoulder, fashion, photo shoot, long hair, Your colour is brown, which is nothing to be ashamed of because it perfectly matches your down to earth attitude and no frills approach to life.

11 Aquarius

dress, beauty, gown, photo shoot, shoulder, Your colour is silver, because you refuse to do anything in a conventional or traditional manner! The sparkle of silver is a great representation of the cheeky glint that you have in your eye.

12 Pisces

pink, purple, water, beauty, vacation, Your colour is purple, because you are the absolute life of the party. As far as you are concerned, life is not worth living unless you are having the most fun possible as every single turn!

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