7 Ways You're Accidentally πŸ˜• Shutting Others out πŸšͺ ...


If you feel like you have no friends, don't blame it on your personality. The reason why others aren't inviting you out has nothing to do with how much fun you are or how much they enjoy spending time with you. It has to do with more subtle things, like the way you behave over social media and through texting. Here are a few ways that you're accidentally shutting others out without even realizing it:

1. You Don't Respond to Texts Quickly Enough

You Don't Respond to Texts Quickly Enough

If your friends text you to hang out, and you don't respond to them for six hours, they probably won't want to hang out anymore. People like promptness. If they know that they're not going to get an answer out of you, then they won't even bother to invite you out in the future. So try to work on your text etiquette.

You Ignore Group Chats
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