7 Ways to Use Your Public Speaking Skills ...


I took two public speaking classes in high school, and my teacher emphasized the various ways to use your public speaking skills. To this day, I still keep that in mind, and look for ways to tie in what she taught me. In fact, I use them more than I thought I would! Public speaking is all about communication and as humans, we spend a lot of our time communicating. Here are a few ways to use your public speaking skills that I think are brilliant for improving communication.

1. Interviews

Whether it’s a job or college interview, there are a few ways to use your public speaking skills to your advantage. In public speaking, it’s all about playing with the audience. It shouldn’t be a rehearsed script that you spit out. And using that same mantra for interviews will help you be in the moment. It should be a pinch-ouch type of reaction that is authentic, so don’t run off into your prepared answer. Instead, make eye contact and remain confident as you talk to get the interviewer on your side.

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