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It’s important to keep in mind some tips for writing business emails, tips that everyone to know. Some key pointers that I’ll show you below will help you prevent yourself from looking unprofessional, rude, or uninformed. Even if it’s your first time dealing with business email correspondence, you can still maintain good email etiquette like a pro with these tips for writing business emails. Enjoy and let me know if you have any to share with me!

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Be Prompt

One of the most basic, but also most important tips for writing business emails is to be prompt in your reply. If you can’t respond immediately, at least respond within the next two hours. Whatever you do, if you’re “on the clock,” don’t go a day without responding. It’s unprofessional, makes you seem undependable, and a situation that needs to be dealt with will likely be over by the time you respond back.


Read All Emails Carefully

Since we can’t hear one another speak through email, it’s important to never judge an email by how you read it initially. Sometimes, we can think someone is being rude, when really, they might just be blunt, be having a bad day, or simply keep things short and sweet. Remember, not everyone responds to emails like you do, and everyone’s business etiquette is different. Read all emails carefully before you respond.


Don’t Get Too Personal

It’s never a good idea to make business emails personal. Things can get messy when you do. Unless you’ve known the person for awhile, and you’re close friends, don’t bring up your personal matters or ask about theirs. It keeps things professional, which is best on all levels.


Don’t Drag Things out

Never go on and on during a business email. It’s always best to be direct, and though you should explain yourself, there’s no need to write a book. Get your point across, explanation across, and remember, don’t bring your personal opinions about business matters through an email. Keep it concise and to the point.


Use Correct Grammar

I hope you’re already using this tip for responding to business emails, but if not, definitely start. You should always use correct grammar in your emails above all else. This will help you maintain a professional image, and will show that you correctly know how to communicate through email and other forms of written material. When we use incorrect grammar, it makes us seem uneducated and as if we lack experience. If you’re not sure if your emails are grammatically correct, download a word processing software that automatically detects errors for you.


Use Correct Language

Always address business email correspondents with a formal approach. Use Miss, Mrs. Mr., etc. in all your business emails and unless they address you by your first name, never address them by their first name. If they start to address you on a first name basis, feel free, but it’s always best to be formal as a first approach. It shows professionalism and respect.


Appropriate Signature

When electronically signing your email name, always be sure to use a professional signature. Never use cute stars, smiley faces, or sign it “Lots of love”! That sounds like something we would send to our best friend or our mom, not a business correspondent! If the person responds back with smiley faces or cute sayings, I would still maintain a professional level when you respond. This way, in case the emails ever become public or are shared with others, it makes you seem professional on an all around level. There’s no need to be rude, but simply be professional. Signing an email, “Best Regards, ****_” is completely fine for a professional email. I also suggest always including your business email address, business phone, and your company’s logo, along with your title when handling business emails. This is a good way to maintain a professional image and gives the person direct view of how to get in touch with you if they can’t find or access previous emails you already sent with the information.

Maintaining business etiquette through emails really isn’t too difficult with a few helpful tips. You’ll pick up tips from others along the way, but starting with these basic 7 tips can make a huge difference. Do you have any tips to share when handling business emails?

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