20 Holly Jolly Ways to Share Holiday Joy ...

By Megan

20 Holly Jolly  Ways to Share  Holiday Joy  ...

There are so many ways to share holiday joy! Thanksgiving has passed and now we enter December. December is a time of holiday cheer for the wonderful diversity that makes up America. Whether you celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or a combination of these, or you are not observant but want to bring a smile to people’s faces, you can never go wrong spreading some holiday cheer. Here are twenty ways to share holiday joy.

Table of contents:

  1. put christmas cookies in the mailbox for your mailman
  2. make a casserole for a disabled neighbor
  3. invite shut-ins to christmas dinner
  4. sing or play holiday tunes at a senior center
  5. volunteer on christmas eve at a soup kitchen
  6. invite a homeless person to synagogue during hanukkah
  7. host an interfaith potluck
  8. get gift cards at a local grocery store and mail them out to total strangers
  9. donate totoys for tots
  10. leave books in secret places around town with notes that say, “if you find this book it’s yours.”
  11. call a friend you haven’t talked to in years
  12. be the hostess for a change
  13. smile at people
  14. compliment people everywhere you go
  15. take a walk with a group around your village and look at the decorations
  16. go and sing christmas carols
  17. send a thank you card to your local fire department for all they do
  18. offer to watch your neighbor’s dog or cat, or even six cats, if they’re going away for the holidays and you’re staying home, and do it for free
  19. forget the presents and do a family vacation
  20. if you run your own business, give away free session or product

1 Put Christmas Cookies in the Mailbox for Your Mailman

2 Make a Casserole for a Disabled Neighbor

3 Invite Shut-ins to Christmas Dinner

4 Sing or Play Holiday Tunes at a Senior Center

5 Volunteer on Christmas Eve at a Soup Kitchen

6 Invite a Homeless Person to Synagogue during Hanukkah

7 Host an Interfaith Potluck

8 Get Gift Cards at a Local Grocery Store and Mail Them out to Total Strangers

9 Donate ToToys for Tots

10 Leave Books in Secret Places around Town with Notes That Say, “if You Find This Book It’s Yours.”

11 Call a Friend You Haven’t Talked to in Years

12 Be the Hostess for a Change

13 Smile at People

14 Compliment People Everywhere You Go

15 Take a Walk with a Group around Your Village and Look at the Decorations

16 Go and Sing Christmas Carols

17 Send a Thank You Card to Your Local Fire Department for All They do

18 Offer to Watch Your Neighbor’s Dog or Cat, or Even Six Cats, if They’re Going Away for the Holidays and You’re Staying Home, and do It for Free

19 Forget the Presents and do a Family Vacation

20 If You Run Your Own Business, Give Away Free Session or Product

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