7 Ways to Reduce Phone Anxiety ...


7 Ways to Reduce Phone Anxiety ...
7 Ways to Reduce Phone Anxiety ...

If you avoid answering calls or dialing a number, you need ways to reduce phone anxiety. It's common to feel nervous when making an important call, but it's a worry that you need to overcome. You can't always rely on texting and emailing to get a job done. If you're nervous about speaking through a receiver, try out these simple ways to reduce phone anxiety.

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Write the Words

Write the Words If you're scheduling a hair appointment or having a phone interview, you can plan out what you're going to say. Write it down word for word if you want, but don't be afraid of changing the script. The person on the other end of the line may not ask you the question you were expecting and you don't want to sound robotic. One of the ways to reduce phone anxiety is to be prepared before you make the call. If you're confident in what you're going to say, why worry?


Delightful Distance

Delightful Distance Remember that the person you're talking to can't see you. You don't have to worry about making eye contact or being embarrassed if your face turns red. The only things you have to focus on are your words and tone. Since they can't see you smiling, you have to show your friendliness through your voice. Everything else--your clothes, your hair, your makeup--don't make a difference.


Survey Your Surroundings

Survey Your Surroundings Whenever you're nervous about making a phone call, sit in a place that you're comfortable in. Look over at your favorite poster, the one of One Direction with their arms around one another. How could you be upset when staring at their adorable faces? If you want to feel more at ease, go somewhere that will relax you. If might not destroy your anxiety, but it will certainly reduce it.


Location Location Location

Location Location Location If you're in a room with other people around you, you should find a more private location. A larger audience will make you more nervous. If you stumble over your words, no one extra will hear you. Plus, you dont want to be rude. Having noise in the background can irritate the other person or give you trouble hearing each other.


Talk It out

Talk It out If writing down your words isn't enough, try saying whatever you have planned. Phrase it in different ways to decide what sounds the best. If you have a friend around, role play with them as if you were actually speaking to the one you're getting ready to call. It'll help you gain confidence and can give you a laugh. Just don't be as silly during the actual call as you are during practice.


Make More Calls

Make More Calls The only way to get better at something is with practice. Instead of texting your cousins 'happy bday,' give them a call. It's an easy way to feel more comfortable with a phone, and they'll appreciate the sentiment. You might even become closer with them. There's nothing wrong with hearing your loved ones' voices more often.


Really Relax

Really Relax What's the worst that can happen over the phone? All it takes is one click to end the conversation and make the person go away. You're capable of speaking to people face to face, so you're certainly capable of talking to them over a phone. There's less to worry about when you don't have to sit up straight and smile. Don't stress out over speaking to a fellow human that can't even see you.

The next time you pick up a phone, try out these tips. Your nerves will be replaced with confidence in no time. Do you get nervous when making important telephone calls?

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Same here

Lol I don\'t answer the phone unless I absolutely have to....email and text r the way to go ;)

people suffer from phone anxiety.

It means so much to me that this article was written. I don\'t think anyone realizes how many

Yes I believe the same Blair! I suffer with it a lot through my voice calls in Skype and acutally talking to people in person. It\'s really hard for me, but it\'s great to hear more ideas and thoughts about it. Awesome :)

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