7 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Writer's Block ...

By Holly

7 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Writer's Block ...

Even the most creative minds get stuck and need ways to get rid of writer's block. One day you'll be idealess and the next you'll be inspired. YOU never know when that inspiration will strike, but that are ways to help lure it to you. When you can't think up a single word, use the following ways to get rid of writer's block.

1 Valuable Vacation

Valuable Vacation If you can't afford a trip to the Grand Canyon, look at photographs online. Even better, step outside and admire the scenery. If your yard contains two trees and a broken swing set, don't fret! Finding the beauty in something so simple will get your mind turning. One of the ways to get rid of writer's block is to search for beauty and enjoy it.

2 Write Here Write Now

Write Here Write Now Write about a childhood memory. Write a fanfic about your favorite TV show. Write about how much you hate writer's block. The content doesn't make a difference; all that matters is that you're putting thoughts on paper. If you throw out everything you write, so what? At least you're writing.

3 Watch Away

Watch Away Here's your excuse to watch your favorite episode of Sherlock for the tenth time (seriously, season 3 needs to air already). Pay attention to the dialogue, the movements, the scenery. Once you're finished, try to write out the scene in your own way. How would you describe John's voice during the phone call? What about Moriarty's smile during the roof scene? This exercise will help you come up with descriptions and metaphors. Just don't pass off the work as your own--Moffat and Gatiss deserve the credit.

4 Read and Read

Read and Read Reading lets you enter new worlds. If our universe is too plain for you, stepping into another can spark some new ideas. Try reading something by Neil Gaiman or Gene Wolfe if you want to stretch your imagination. It's never okay to plagiarize, but it's normal to admire other author's work and use their ideas to fuel your own. In order to be a great writer, you need to be an experienced reader.

5 Just a Journal

Just a Journal If you're able to remember your dreams, write them down when you wake up. Throughout the day, keep a book with you. You know the random scenarios that play out in your head during class? They might seem useless now, but you can combine those ideas in the future to create something great. It won't take long to jot down your thoughts and they could be lifesavers in the future.

6 Random Writing

Random Writing Flip through the dictionary to find words that catch your eye. If you want another exercise, randomly point to 5 words and create a story that involves all of them. If you have friends or family members around, you can bypass the book and ask them to come up with random words. By forcing yourself to create a story within boundaries, you're forced to think outside of the box. It can help get your creative juices flowing.

7 Whatever Fits You

Whatever Fits You If music helps inspire you, put on your favorite song. If talking to a friend or even yourself helps, do so. If you're not sure what works for you yet, try going for a walk or meditating or eavesdropping on conversations. You never know what could be the cure for your writer's block. Do whatever it takes to get rid of it and never stop writing!

The next time you have trouble putting a pen to paper, try out these ideas. Something simple can give you the push you need. What helps you when you have writer's block?

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This is so handy! I love the bit about Sherlock series three, too!

These are very valuable tips, and ones that I myself have used. For me, just pausing to read someone else\'s work, whether it\'s a story, poem or novel always refreshes my mind. We all borrow from what influences us, even the best artists and writers admit to being influenced by a particular work that has touched them or excited them. That, I believe, is what they call inspiration. And watching, well, that is just the best and most fun way to reignite your creative machine. Listening to what people say to each other at a store check-out line, or sitting in Starbucks or another coffee shop and overhearing snippets of conversations, or doing the same in a bar while you nurse a glass of ginger ale or a cup of coffee; it is amazing the things you will hear. And now, with people, albeit rudely, talking on their cell phones all the time, you can eavesdrop on one side of a conversation, while imagining what\'s being said on the other end. And how about perusing AWS and offering comments and opinions to what others have written or commented. In the end, I have found the block is usually trying to think too hard. So ease up, give your mind a rest and feed your other senses!

Incredible tips, honestly thank you so much for sharing! I was in writers purgatory before I found this post!

Whenever I get writers block, it bugs me so much! I can\'t write and so I go crazy. Usually whenever I get it, I read over the last chapter or two of my story and think. If that doesn\'t work I turn the tv on and watch it for a little bit or pick up a book

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