7 Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety That Work ...


7 Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety That Work ...
7 Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety That Work ...

I have learned some tips to overcome social anxiety that I can share with you to help you do the same. Social anxiety is something that most of us deal with at times. For me, although I somewhat enjoy social gatherings, I would much rather be home in my cozy little house curled up with a good book. I am more introverted than extroverted and being social can be a real stretch for me, but I have learned to do it. I want to share the tips to overcome social anxiety that I have learned in hopes that it will help you overcome any social anxiety you are experiencing in your life.

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Realize It is You

If you feel nervous when you go to a social event, the best thing you can do for yourself is realize that it is you and not the event that is making you nervous. Realizing that others are not thinking of how they can make the event awkward for you is one of the best tips to overcome social anxiety. Their thoughts are on themselves and in their own world. Sometimes it helps to just take a deep breath and remind yourself to relax. Remind yourself there is absolutely nothing to be nervous about.


Don’t Become a Hermit

Don’t give in to the temptation to become a hermit. I know this temptation well. I think I could easily just lock my doors and be content at home for long, long periods of time. But I have learned that I actually do feel better if I get out and be with people, perhaps not at that time, but afterward. Another motivating factor is that it makes you appreciate your time at home much more when you are not there constantly.


Make an Effort

Sometimes you have to make an effort to be social. I know I have to push myself to do this. I tend to just want to sit quietly off to the side but it is better if I put myself out there a little bit. When I do, I am always well received by others that are around. I am the one that holds myself back. When I do make an effort to have fun and be friendly, I usually do end up having fun and making a new friend.


Get out There

There are times when I want to do nothing but stay home but I have some kind of obligation to be somewhere. I have to just push myself to do it. It helps me to tell myself that I only have to go for a little while and it won’t be long until I am through with whatever event it is I am attending. Occasionally, I will surprise myself by having a great time and wanting to stay longer than I originally planned. Getting out there and being with people regularly makes it easier to do, too.


Tell Yourself What a Great Person You Are

Maybe you feel like you just stick out at events or that you don’t fit in. I think everyone has felt that way to a certain extent. But you know what? I have learned that most of the time, the only one who is thinking that is me. I remind myself that I am a fun and charming person who others love to be around. When I do this, I relax and end up having a great time.


Take a Buddy

Sometimes it helps to take a buddy with you when you have to go somewhere where you feel you may have a bit of social anxiety. This way you have a built-in friend to talk to if you don’t feel like branching out. This is a great step for people who have a lot of social anxiety and it is a great step to help them get used to being out and doing things more often. It can be your spouse, a friend or even a family member. Just having someone you know close by can help you to relax and have a good time.


Seek Help

If these measures don’t help you, you may need to see someone who can offer you more help than just a few suggestions. Social anxiety can be many different levels from mild to very severe. Mild social anxiety can be helped by following these tips but something more may be needed for a more moderate or severe case. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help if you need it. The real shame is suffering needlessly.

Social anxiety is something that many people have, at least from time to time. Have you ever dealt with it? Did you use any of these tips to help make it easier to deal with?

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I used to b like that in my 20s not any more yeeey lol

Omg thanks for the tips!

Thanks for this cause I struggle a lot with this.

Yea thanks haha good tips :)

Lots of wisdom in here. Thanks for posting :-)

Thanks for the tips, feel better about myself, no more quietly sitting in the corner! :)

My boyfriend is super social, au contraire to me. When we go to party's or other social events, i automatically become more social too! And i enjoy myself a lot more!

Great article, thanks so much for posting!

Very helpful! Thank you

Ughhh.... So sorry for the pirate pic, that was totally an accident!! What I meant to say was: Great article, thanks!

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