8 Ways to Overcome a Negative Attitude ...


8 Ways to Overcome a Negative Attitude ...
8 Ways to Overcome a Negative Attitude ...

Does overcoming negativity seem just too hard? It´s very easy to get stuck in a negative mindset, where you feel that you´ll never achieve what you want out of life, and that the odds are against you. But there are plenty of ways to overcome a negative attitude; it takes time and effort to retrain your way of thinking but it can be done. Here are some tips for overcoming negativity …

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One way of overcoming negativity is to accept that things do go wrong in your life. Nobody leads a charmed existence, so acknowledge that life is not perfect. It´s important though to be realistic rather than negative; life may be imperfect, but don´t obsess about it.


Think Back

Are you stuck in a negative mindset because you feel that things always go wrong for you? Our memories tend to favour negative events over happier ones, and so it´s easy to feel that things have never worked out. Look back more carefully, and try to identify positive events and achievements – there will be more than you remember at first.


What´s the Worst?

How often have you avoided trying something because you feel that you are bound to fail? Fear of failure stops us from trying so much, and that only leads to regret. Ask yourself what´s the worst thing that can happen? Chances are the possible outcomes are not as bad as you imagine, and if you try, you might just get there!


Praise Yourself

One of the most effective ways to overcome a negative attitude is to give yourself praise for what you have achieved. It´s also possibly one of the most difficult, as modesty is often seen as more desirable. But why shouldn´t you be proud of yourself? You don´t have to look in the mirror and chant mantras about how beautiful you are and a child of the universe; but do acknowledge your achievements. There are almost certainly more than you think.


You Don´t Need Approval

A lot of the negativity we suffer is self-imposed by our fear of what others will think. We want the people around us to approve of what we do, and thus allow their opinions to govern our choices, which may not be the right ones. Don´t let the fear of what people might say hold you back – you don´t want to live with regret.


Stop Blaming Others

I´ve known people who always blame someone else for anything that goes wrong in their life. They are very angry people who live in the past and dwell on the wrongs they believe they´ve suffered. Don´t be like them and always blame other people - this just makes you a victim.


Don´t Live in the past

An important step to overcoming negativity is to stop living in the past. The past is gone, and there is nothing we can do about it; obsessing about past events leaves you trapped in negativity. It´s far better to concentrate on the present and the future, and how you can make them better.


Think Positive

There are times when you´re entitled to feel low, but on the whole it´s better to adopt a positive viewpoint wherever possible. The more you think positively, the more natural it becomes to be optimistic. Difficult times do pass, and even when things seem tough, life usually gets better. Think positive, and you´ll encourage yourself to feel more upbeat.

There are lots of ways to overcome a negative attitude; it takes effort, but negativity need not rule your life. Essentially the key is to adopt a new way of viewing things and gradually retrain your brain. Did you used to be a Negative Nancy, and what ways did you find of overcoming negativity?

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