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7 Techniques to Help You Get through a Difficult Day ...

By Schantel

We all have days when all you want to do is get through it. We know it's hard and that's why we loved Schantel's easy techniques to put a bad day behind you. Thanks Schantel!

If you are anything like me then you are one busy female. There's getting up each morning to go to work, and then it's straight to school right after. Some days are going to be hectic and overwhelming, so how does one deal with those difficult days? Here are seven simple techniques I use that may also be of help to you.

1 Think Positive

The easiest thing to do in any bad situation is to think the worst. When you find yourself expecting bad things to happen that's when they actually do occur. Try saying phrases like, "It'll get better" or "I can do this". Rehearse these lines and you'll see how much easier it'll be to get through the day.

2 Face the Problem

Zeroing in on the main problem at hand will help you not make situations worse. When you're having a difficult day, you tend to blame others or get so upset that other situations become worse. Ask your self what's the main problem and work towards trying to fix it.

3 Let Go

Some things that happen are just out of our control, no matter what we do, it is what it is. One of the worst things we try to do is control situations we simply cannot. Trying to control or change a situation only gets you more upset if the outcome is not what you expected. Learning how to let go is a a great way to release stress and accepting the situation as is.

4 Communicate

Just because you are having a bad day doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone . If there are people around you, try to communicate with them, let them know you are not having a good day so if there is a change in your attitude they won't take it personally. Just by communicating you never know what could happen, hey maybe someone could actually be of help to your situation.

5 Stay Focused

Even though its not easy to stay focused during difficult times we must try. If you're having a difficult day at work, it is still important to stay focused to get through the day. The day will go by much faster by not focusing on the difficulties but on your work.

6 Take a Break

Hey ! Wherever you are, whether it's work or school, take a break! Sometimes that's all we need to do. Walking away from the situation can calm you down and help you think more clearly.

7 Relax

Relax! Easier said that done right? Trust me I know, but by relaxing you give yourself more thinking time. You also allow yourself to live longer! Studies have shown that stress shortens our lives by years! So if your goal is to live longer try to relax more.

Everyone has difficult days and getting through one can be quite hard. Thinking positive, facing the problem, letting go, communicating, staying focused, taking a quick break and relaxing are seven tips that can certainly help you trough those tough days. We can't have easy days all the time so knowing how to tackle a difficult is vey helpful.

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