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7 Ways to Wind down after Finals ...

By Kelly

After a week of late nights and coffee runs for finals week, it is important to reward yourself for your hard work and find one of the many ways to wind down after finals. Some people like to go into hibernation while some would rather stay active and rejuvenate their minds. Here are a few of the ways to wind down after finals that I enjoy.

1 Girls Night

What could be better as one of the ways to wind down after finals than a night with you best girl friends? Some wine, a nice chick flick, and tons of talking about boys, doesn’t that sound nice? A girls’ night after finals is a great to take your mind off of that stressful week before and catch up with your besties. You probably have not seen them all week because you have been camping out in the library.

2 Curl up

With a book, with a movie, with an entire season of Downton Abbey on Netflix. Who really cares? As long as you are snuggled up without a care in the world. Curling up with a distraction is the perfect way to be lazy and put your mind to rest after a long hard week of finals.


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3 Find a Furry Friend

This might be one of the best ways to wind down after finals. Did you know that puppies are scientifically proven to reduce stress? And can you really think of anything more fun than playing with a bunch of puppies to unwind? Some schools sponsor events where students can play with puppies to distress. But if not, try stopping by your local animal shelter and asking if you can play with some of the rescue dogs.

4 Sleep It off

After finals week, you probably want to sleep your life away. So why don’t you? Snuggle up in bed, shut the world off, and enjoy hours of sleep on end. You deserve it.

5 Stretch It out

The last thing you probably want to do after a week of all-nighters and too much caffeine and junk food is to work out. So rather than go for a run, try some yoga to work out your body and soul. It will stretch you out after weeks of sitting at a desk, and it will clear your mind after filling it with facts for tests. You are sure to be left feeling rejuvenated after a brief yoga session.

6 Wash It off

I personally do some of my best winding down during a shower or bath. One of the best ways to wind down after finals is with a bubble bath. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music, and try to forget your worries in the water. If you are not fortunate to have access to a bathtub in your dorm room, a shower can be just as refreshing. You will wash away your worries as you wash away your shampoo.

7 Get Some Sun

After being locked in the library for a week, you are probably in desperate need of some vitamin D. Grab a bathing suit and towel and hit the quad for some well-deserved relaxation. Feeling that sun on your face is enough to forget all about the week before.

Finals week is an incredibly stressful week that takes a huge toll on you mentally, physically, and psychologically. It is very important to wind down after finals week and give yourself the break you deserve. What did you think of these ways to wind down after finals? How do you relax after finals weeks? Do you think it is more helpful to take your mind off things and relax or would you rather stay more active when winding down?

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