7 Things You Can do to Ease Uncomfortable Situations ...


7 Things You Can do to Ease Uncomfortable Situations ...
7 Things You Can do to Ease Uncomfortable Situations ...

We’ve all wondered from time to time what a few good ways to ease uncomfortable situations would be. It seems inevitable that there will be an awkward moment or two at the most inopportune times, and always around the people you need to impress the most. If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, there are ways to save a little face or continue on without too much ado. Read on to learn these interesting ways to ease uncomfortable situations!

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Be Genuinely Pleasant

One of the top ways to ease uncomfortable situations is to keep a genuine smile on your face. People can generally pick up on vibes, and if you want to come across as sincere, then be pleasant! Whether the awkward moment was of your causing, or someone else’s, there is no need for you to be frozen in place. Just smile, and move on! It will eventually pass, and you can be embarrassed no more.


Apologize and Move on

If the faux pas was yours, then you may need to offer a few words of apology. Depending on the situation, offer condolences or explain the misunderstanding briefly, and then leave it at that. No need to keep stumbling over the same issue for 5 minutes! Just apologize and move on. Keep it simple, and those around you will too!


Change the Subject

Did someone near you say something quite embarrassing? Are discussions getting heated or intentional? Change the subject! Bring up a recent activity or happening in town, or ask someone how his or her family is doing. Sometimes, changing the subject is the best way to get back in the groove of lighthearted conversational flow!


Say Something Kind

When someone insults you, our first reaction as humans is to insult them back. But that only creates more tension. Instead, try saying something kind to the person who insulted you. Or maybe someone near you was just insulted. Compliment that person sweetly on a recent accomplishment or the clothes they are wearing. Keeping the spirit light will help ease uncomfortable situations!


Quietly Excuse Yourself

There are moments when you may need to just walk away. Perhaps you feel totally out of place, or don’t care to be in the company of those you were socializing with anymore. When that happens, just smile and quietly excuse yourself. There’s no reason why you must chat with the same group of people for your whole lunch break or during the entire cocktail hour!


Suggest a New Activity

Hanging out at a dinner party or having lunch at your desk with your co-workers can get tedious if the situations are uncomfortable. When that happens, suggest a new activity! Perhaps a stroll out to the patio, or a quick walk down to the mall will ease the awkwardness of a situation. Switching up the current activities will provide everyone with something fresh to get their minds off of any previous uncomfortable moments.


Make It up

Sometimes uncomfortable situations can occur because you forgot something important, like a birthday or an anniversary, or even something at work you were supposed to do. When this happens, you must do whatever necessary to make it up to the offended individual. Offer an apology, then continue on with special dinner plans, or finish the task you were expected to complete. Make it up, and try not to let it happen again!

These are my tips for dealing with uncomfortable situations, but I’m sure our readers have their own genius thoughts! Have you ever encountered an awkward social moment? What did you do to ease the situation? Please comment below and share your stories!

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My experience is that when you try to be nice to person who insults you, it becomes a chain reaction.. Sometimes, you have to answer back to make your stand and make that person aware of his own begavior.. But of course, i don't mean you have to fight.. Just make a stand..

Or pull out your cell and respond to an imaginary very urgent text message!

I guess I'm not making situations less bitter. hrmph.

I really appreciate your list! You have us some very insightful suggestions! �

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