7 Ways to Look for an Apartment in NYC ...


As a college student looking for a place to live in New York City, I had probably one of the most difficult times thinking of ways to look for an apartment in NYC. Because Iā€™m a student, landlords always have this crazy idea that Iā€™m going to throw crazy parties and refuse to pay my rent. They would rather take a person with an established career and a good credit score. So if you are a student, or just a newbie to the city, read these ways to look for an apartment in NYC!

1. Start Early

If you are looking to move into New York City in say, September, you should start looking at your options around the end of June. If you are not from a city in general, you will be shocked at how little space you get for so much money. A one bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side (a cheaper area) is around $2,400 a month, and in that bedroom, you can only fit your bed. This is one of the biggest steps when it comes to ways to look for an apartment in NYC.

Have Multiple Agents
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