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8 Ways to Develop Your Vocabulary ...

By Alison

Ways to develop vocabulary are easy to find. Why does it matter, you may ask? Well, we have a very rich language, and it’s good to know as much of it as possible. Besides, expanding your vocabulary reduces the possibility of embarrassment when you don’t know what someone’s referring to! So here are some good ways to develop vocabulary.

1 Random Dictionary

My favourite of all the ways to develop vocabulary is to pick up the dictionary. Simply flick through and open it at a random page. You’ll know most of the words, but there will be some that you’re not familiar with. It’s interesting to see what you come across!

2 Newspapers

Reading one of the more intellectual newspapers is another good way to expand your vocabulary. Newspapers like using “big words,” especially on specific topics like economics and finance. So read some articles, note down any new words, and look them up.

3 Online Resources

The internet is a good source of educational tools, and there are lots of websites dedicated to amplifying your knowledge of the English language. For just a few examples, try, or

4 Games

Another of the online ways to develop vocabulary is to play games. Again, there are many websites, or you can play games like Scrabble. A good way to learn from this is to note down any words that your opponent plays that you are unfamiliar with (you may be able to use them in later games!).

5 Thesaurus

If you don’t have a thesaurus, consider investing in one. It’s an excellent way to expand your vocabulary by looking up words that are similar in meaning to others. You can also use online resources, and the thesaurus feature in Word is extremely useful as well.

6 Note down New Words

One of the ways to develop vocabulary is to note down any new words that you come across. None of us know every single word in the language, so there are always more to learn. Keep a notebook, scribble down any unfamiliar words, and then look them up later.

7 Crosswords

Are you a crossword fan? Have you ever thought that they are a good way to pick up new words? If you are puzzled by a crossword clue and can’t work it out, then wait until you can access the answers. If you haven't encountered the word before, then you’ve just added a new one to your vocabulary!

8 Read Widely

Finally, developing your vocabulary is easier the more widely you read. Take the opportunity to read more challenging books and articles. In fact, read whatever you can get your hands on! New words can pop up in all kinds of places, so don’t miss a chance to broaden your knowledge.

Adding to your vocabulary is also a great way to exercise your mind. We often learn a foreign language and try to add to our vocabulary, yet forget about expanding our knowledge of our own language! There are so many ways to develop vocabulary and it’s more rewarding than you might think. How do you feel about improving your vocabulary - do you love learning obscure words, for example?

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