7 Ways to Decorate a Citrus Kitchen ...

Even before the Better Half and I moved into our lovely new house with its marvelously massive kitchen, we decided we wanted to decorate a citrus kitchen. Our old apartment had such a tiny little space that we knew, no matter what, we wanted to lighten and brighten our new kitchen with lots of orange, lemon yellow, and lime green, with mere touches of pink, white, and black for contrast. Because many base color schemes lend themselves well to citrus palettes, it's amazingly easy to create a citrus kitchen, so if you, too, want a lighter, brighter room, these techniques will help!

1. Know Your Color Scheme

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The colors are the key elements in a citrus kitchen, of course – they create the citrus motif. Many people think that they have to stick to lime green, lemon yellow, and bright orange. Those are the signature shades, but don't forget about grapefruit! I love this distinction, because I adore rich, vibrant shades of pink. You can use all of the traditional citrus shades in your kitchen, or mix and match among your favorites. For instance, go with lemon and lime, yellow and orange, or a bright, airy pink and green mix.

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