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7 Ways to Deal with Rejection ...

By Kelly

No matter who you are, you will be rejected sometime in your life and will need to know the ways to deal with rejection. It may be hard to have a clear mind when dealing with rejection, but following these tips can help you think of rejection in a positive manner. Here are some of the ways to deal with rejection that I use as a way to motivate me and get over rejection in a short time period.

1 Think about It from Their Perspective

This is one of the most important ways to deal with rejection. Putting yourself into others' positions allows you to view the reasons for the rejection. Whether it is a job you applied for or a boy you asked out, thinking about what could have caused the rejection in a realistic setting might help you to move on quicker.

2 Know That Everything Happens for a Reason

I am a firm believer that when one door closes, another door opens and that everything happens for a reason. If one opportunity for you doesn’t work out, don’t give up hope. There are new opportunities in your life everyday and taking advantage of them can help you deal with rejection is a more positive manner.

3 Understand That Anyone Can Be Rejected

Everyone will be rejected from something in his or her life. Everyone has to deal with the pain that comes along with rejection, not just you. If you think about how often people get rejected everyday, it will help you understand that it is not something you have to deal with alone.

4 Don’t Take It Personally

If there is one thing to remember when you are dealing with rejection, it is to not take it personally. It is very rare for you to be rejected on the sole reason that the person wants you to feel bad about yourself. It is key that you do not take rejection to heart because then you will just focus on the negatives and lower your self-esteem.

5 Keep Trying

Do not let one form of rejection keep you from pursuing your goals. If you did not get a job you applied for, keep looking for new opportunities to reach your dream job. If a boy turned you down, keep searching for that special one who loves you for you. It is important to keep reaching for your goals and do not let roadblocks get in your way.

6 Channel Your Bad Feelings

Focus on how rejection causes you to feel and use that as a motivating factor. If you did not feel particularly great after being turned down, that should be a motivating force to never want to feel that way again. It will encourage you to either work harder or take a new approach to the situation in the future.

7 Take Criticism to Heart

Next time you get rejected, ask the person “why?” Find out what caused the rejection and don’t blow it off. Take the criticism to heart and use to change in the future. Prospective employers may tell you a weakness of yours that you did not even know you had. Know what went wrong and fix it for the future.

Rejection sucks, plain and simple. Nobody enjoys being rejected from anything. But what is important is that you deal with rejection in a positive and constructive manner. Have these tips on how to deal with rejection helped you? What ways do you use to deal with rejection? What is the most important thing when dealing with rejection?

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