7 Ways to Clear Last Year's Stuff for This Year's Treasures ...


Clearing out old things to make space for new can be quite a daunting task. Guest contributor Jennifer Gilligan shares her tips on how to effectively do just that!

For those of us who have moved in the last few months, we know what it means to clear out our stuff, and make room for the new and improved. However, once we settle in and relax we tend to forget how to manage our things and they grow into monstrous piles of stuff. With each approaching holiday and the holiday festivities bringing more and more things, you might find yourself losing square footage in your humble abode. Fear not, here are a few ways to – productively – get rid of your old stuff and make room for the new.

1. Donate

If it’s fully functional and not dingy, there’s no reason to just throw it away. Something that you might not need any longer can always help an underprivileged family, shelter, or other friend or family member. Someone will always be able to use it, so why throw it away when you could simply make someone’s day? Check your local charities, scour the web for national advocates, or just Google a cause you’re interested in.

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