7 Ways to Bond with Your Mother-in-law No Matter How Difficult She May Be ...

By Alicia

7 Ways to Bond with Your Mother-in-law No Matter How Difficult She May Be ...

If you are looking for ways to bond with your mother-in-law, look no further. I can help you. There are things you can do to help the two of you form a relationship, no matter how difficult she may be. Try these ways to bond with your mother-in-law to revolutionize your relationship.

1 Invite Her to Lunch

You know, one of the best ways to bond with your mother-in-law is to just bite the bullet and make the first move. Invite her to go out to lunch with you. Going to lunch is a little thing you can do that has a light-hearted manner about it. Girlfriends go out to lunch. It is a definite bonding invitation you can give her. Even if she declines, at least you have opened the door.

2 Ask Her to Teach You to Cook Your Hubby’s Favorites

You know, next to you, this is the woman your husband loves best in all of the earth. It is really worth the effort to try to bond with her. No doubt there are things that your mother-in-law cooks that are favorites of your husbands. Ask her to teach you how to cook them. More than likely, she will be delighted to do so.

3 Ask Her Advice on Something

If you have the kind of mother-in-law who loves to give her advice on everything, why not allow her to? I do not mean to allow her to meddle in your business, but ask her advice about something. It allows her to air her opinion and feel important at the same time. It can also bring her closer to you because you opened up to her in this way.

4 Go Shopping Together

Shopping is a great way to bond with your mother-in-law. First of all, there isn’t a lot of chatting because you are busy shopping. Secondly, it is fun and you can make a few fun memories while you are shopping. Thirdly, you are allowing her a window into your private world by letting her learn your tastes and preferences. You can learn some things about her, too.

5 Treat Her to a Pedicure

Why not treat your mother-in-law to a pedicure? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love having a pedicure done. While you are having your toenails painted, you will most likely both be relaxed and the tension between the two of you will drop significantly. A day out doing something that is meant to be bonding will hopefully have the desired effect. You may go home having gained a new friend.

6 Send Her a Card

Why not send your mother-in-law a card? You can use that as an opportunity to tell her that you know your husband is the wonderful man he is in part, because he was raised by her. It is true. She has a great bearing on his life and giving her credit for that is the kind thing to do. This means a lot to a mother’s heart.

7 Give Her Time

You know, there are just some mothers-in-law that are difficult cookies. A lot of these gestures will not help with them, although they will with most. If you have that particularly very difficult mother-in-law, you may just have to give her time. Continue being the beautiful, wonderful person that you are and hopefully she will eventually see that. Even if she never does, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did your best to be a good daughter-in-law to her.

Bonding with a difficult mother-in-law can be, well, difficult. How have you overcome mother-in-law difficulties? I would really love to know.

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