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I’ve been an introvert since birth,and most people don’t know how easy dealing with your inner introvert can be. In fact, introverts aren’t anti-social like most people think. They’re simply more drawn to spending more alone time, and enjoy small doses of social settings instead of constant ones. Extroverts get their energy from lots of social events and thrive off more social settings. The two are completely opposite, yet good in different ways. I, for example, thrive off lots of alone time, but love getting together with people in small doses, but parties, club scenes and day long events out in social settings just aren’t my thing. However, I do love embracing cultural settings, doing things indepently, and a night at home with a book, my laptop or a good TV show are never a disappointment. Over the years, I’ve learned how dealing with your inner introvert can not only make you happier, but also help you learn to appreciate yourself just the way you are.

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Appreciate It

The first tip of all in learning how to deal with your inner introvert is to appreciate it! It’s not necessarily a bad thing and instead of thinking you should be more social, just appreciate that you’re able to spend time alone and enjoy it. It doesn’t make you a hermit, but you simply generate your energy from alone time, rather than social time. And that’s perfectly okay!


Challenge It

Another tip for learning how to deal with your inner introvert is to accept it, but also challenge it! Never accept yourself as someone who can’t, or shouldn’t, be around people just because you’re an introvert. While you can get plenty of alone time, also be sure you challenge that calm, collective introvert of yours and be sure to get out with friends in small doses when you can! You’ll appreciate your alone time much more when you do.


Nourish It

After challenging your introvert, also be sure to nourish it. Well, what does this mean, you might wonder? It means to actively be aware that while others might pressure you into high stress jobs with lots of social aspects, or situations that might involve you getting little alone time, that might just not be the best thing for you. Doing so on a consistent basis will set you up to be more stressed. Downgrade your lifestyle so you get plenty of alone time, along with some social time, but not so much where you’re stressed out all the time. This will keep you balanced, calm and collected, exactly what your introvert desires.


Don’t Be Self Conscious

Another tip for taking care of your introvert is to not be self conscious about it. Though you might like the quality of being an introvert about yourself, it might seem like you shouldn’t be, or at least it did to me. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I liked alone time, and hid this about myself for years. Now, I just appreciate it, but also don’t mind telling people with confidence that I’m a little more independent and reserved than most people are, and I’m okay with that!


Use the Positives

Believe it or not, there are many benefits of being an introvert. Introverts are naturally creative spirits, they are mindful, and they also appreciate simplicity. They’re also able to deal with circumstances in life that might leave them alone and on their own, and they bring a sense of calmness to the social atmosphere at events that they do attend. Introverts are also usually naturally very intelligent in the areas of arts, literature and culture. Not saying extroverts can’t be, but introverts are usually very “right brained” as some people like to say, and the talents that they have are simply different than extroverts, but should be appreciated all the same.


Embrace Your Talents

As an introvert, you also need to acknowledge the talents you have by putting them into active practice. If you’re a great artist, then start painting, drawing or getting into photography. If you’re into reading and writing, start writing, or create a blog. If you’re into natural history and art, then perhaps start studying this area, or taking classes. Embracing the talents that come along with being an introvert will naturally help you feel more confident and be happier than just pushing them aside.


Communicate Your Way

As an introvert, I’ve learned we communicate differently than extroverts. We aren’t necessarily people who will walk up to strangers and start a conversation, but we’re more than able to carry on an interesting one with people that we do meet. Use what skills you do have in communication, which usually includes writing of some sort. Also, try to start remembering that extroverts may be louder than you, while you’re more soft spoken. Be aware of this so your voice doesn’t get lost in the crowd, making you seem shy. You don’t need to shout when you talk, but be proud when you speak and communicate your confidence through the way you talk and carry yourself in a crowd.

If you’re an introvert or extrovert, there are numerous things you have to give back to the world, and all of us are simply different to one another, not better or worse. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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Oh then I think I'm an extrovert haha lol

This is an amazing article, I always assumed something was wrong with me because I always pick being alone. I'm so happy to know others are like me! :)

I especially liked 6&7

This article is great. Thank you.

Definitely I am a introvert. This helped me a lot.mgreat and amazing article.mi loved it

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