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7 Classy Ways to Respond to Bad Behavior towards You ...

By Alicia

There are some right and wrong ways to respond to bad behavior. I don’t know about you but I have always tried to choose the classy option. Even when I am furious, I remind myself I am a lady and do not choose the wrong ways to respond to bad behavior. Let me share with you what I do and I promise you, while it does take a while, it has never failed to deliver the best results.

1 Don’t Acknowledge It

The very best thing you can choose to do in the ways to respond to bad behavior is to not acknowledge it all. I do realize this can be very difficult. I recently faced a situation in my own life and it took everything in me to do this but I did do it. To acknowledge someone’s poor behavior toward you is to tell them it got to you and they win. Refuse to give them that satisfaction.

2 Be Kind Anyways

Going a step further is even better. When someone uses bad behavior toward you, choose to be kind to them anyway. I am not advising that you be their friend. I think it is best to keep your distance from such individuals, but do so with kindness. I always tell myself that just because they choose to act poorly does not mean I will do so in return.

3 Smile at Them when They do It

If someone does something in front of you that shows their bad behavior, smile at them. Not a true smile, mind you. Give them more of an I’m onto you kind of smile. This is really all it will take to put them in their place. It may not stop the behavior from them but they know that you know.

4 Make a Vague Comment

When forced into a corner by someone’s bad behavior, do not panic. Don’t allow them to make you say anything that you don’t want to say. Say something very vague. This will get to them because they know they cannot get a confrontation out of you. After you master doing this, it is actually quite enjoyable to know that the best way to get under some people’s skin is to refuse to let them get under yours.

5 Keep Your Cool

You must keep your cool. Do not allow the person behaving poorly to anger you. You cool temperament will show your class and their lack thereof. Let your actions speak for you; they speak louder than words anyway. Most people will hang themselves if you give them enough rope.

6 Use Confidence

Confidence can absolutely put out someone’s fire toward you. If they know they can’t get to you, what is the point of continuing to try? They may still dislike you from afar but who cares? If you give in and show that what they have done has bothered you, you have had it. You have most likely just made things ten times worse.

7 Enjoy Your Life

Living well really is the best revenge. I have had to learn this lesson in my own life. The best way to get back at those that attempted to hurt me was to be happy and enjoy my life. That is the opposite of what they want you to have so why not try all the harder to have it? As they see you are happy and moving on past their petty attempts to hurt you, they will know you were the true winner after all.

I would love to learn more from you. What are some classy ways you respond to bad behavior directed toward you? I always read my comments!

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