9 Ways to Be More Street Smart ...


If the answer to being more book smart was to read more books, then what about how to be more street smart? You only have to read the paper or switch on the morning news to know that your safety should be your top priority at all times. It’s not about being scared or fearful, but having a healthy dose of common sense and habits that will protect you from potential harm. Here's some pointers on how to be more street smart.

1. Unplug

I love listening to my music as much a fat kid loves cake, but never on the walk home if it is dark or in an area that is quiet or deserted. Not only will you not be able to hear anyone approaching but you are making yourself an easy target. Wearing headphones advertises that you are unaware and off in your own world. The same goes for your early morning or late evening runs ladies; this is top spot on my list of ways to be more street smart for a reason!

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