7 Warning Signs You Are in Bad Company You Should Know about ...


You should try to pay attention to those obvious signs you are in bad company. It's especially necessary if you always work really hard to become a better person but lately you’ve noticed that something is dragging you down and you still can’t figure out what that thing could be. Nate Steer, an entertainment correspondent, said that “You grow to fit your environment, so make sure your environment breeds excellence and positivity.” If some of the people who surround you are a negative influence, you need to cut ties with them if your goal is to become a better person. Here are a few warning signs you are in bad company you should always consider:

1. They Only Make Time for You when They Need You

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most obvious signs you are in bad company. When one of your so-called friends only makes time for you when he or she needs you or when it’s convenient for him or her, you should start asking yourself some questions. Is he or she really a true friend or it would be better for you to just let go of that friendship that only brings benefits to them? Don’t beg for anyone’s attention! You deserve so much better!

They Are Derailing You from Your Goals
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