10 Videos That'll Teach You How to Draw ...


10 Videos That'll Teach You How to Draw ...
10 Videos That'll Teach You How to Draw ...

Most of us can't draw a stick figure without making it look misshapen. However, you can always work on your drawing skills, no matter how old you are. It doesn't matter if you're trying to become a famous artist or if you haven't drawn a picture since elementary school. Either way, you should watch these videos that'll teach you how to draw:

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How to Draw a Realistic Eye

It doesn't matter if you're trying to draw a small eye on a person, or if you're just trying to draw an eye all on its own. Either way, this tutorial will help you get the hang of it. Even if you consider yourself to be the worst artist in the world, you could create a masterpiece by following these instructions. Just make sure you use a pencil instead of a pen!


How to Draw a 3D Hand

If you're going to learn how to draw one thing, it might as well be this. It looks impressive, even though you'll start out by simply tracing your hand. After that, you'll have to place a bunch of lines in the paper in order to really make the drawing come to life. When you're finished, it'll look like you've drawn a 3D picture. You can even add color!


How to Draw a Drop of Water

It doesn't seem difficult to draw a drop of water. After all, it's such a small, simple thing. However, if you watch this tutorial, you'll see just how beautiful a water droplet can be. With the right strokes and shading, it'll look like your paper is actually wet.


How to Draw Hands

While 3D hands are impressive, they won't help you when you're drawing a character. That's why you should watch this tutorial, which will show you how to create a realistic hand. Then you can place them on whatever man or woman you'd like.


How to Draw a Birthday Cake

The next time someone's birthday arrives, you can draw a picture of a cake inside of their card. If you practice enough, then they'll wonder if the drawing came inside of the card or if you were the one to place it there.


How to Draw Elsa

If you want to surprise your little cousin or sister with a handmade drawing, this is the best one you could ever make. After all, who doesn't love Frozen? If you made this picture for your mother, she'd probably appreciate it just as much. Elsa is a beauty, so if you can do her justice, it shows you have talent.


How to Draw a Mouth

If you want to draw a portrait of your best friend or boyfriend, you need to know how to draw a proper mouth. This tutorial will show you how to draw the lips and teeth in a way that'll make your drawing look more like a photograph. If you can pull it off, everyone will be impressed by your work.


How to Draw a Rose

This easy, made for kids, tutorial will teach you how to draw a beautiful rose. It's the most romantic flower out there so instead of buying a dozen that will die, you can always draw your significant other a dozen and customize so they can cherish it forever.


How to Draw a Person

No drawing is complete without people-unless it's a landscape. So here's an easy beginners video on how to draw a person you can complete your next picture.



We all love the background scenes of pictures. The cozy cottage, beautiful sunsets, large mountains, etc. This easy how-to video shows you how to draw the perfect landscape in your backdrop.

Drawing is hard work. However, even if you're a horrible artist, you can get better as long as you practice. So what are you waiting for? Grab a sheet of paper and try drawing all of these pictures! What's the best thing you're able to draw?

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