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7 Useful Steps to Help Break a Bad Habit ...

By Holly

There are some simple steps to help break a bad habit when it starts causing you pain. Everyone has a nervous tick or flaw that they wish they could get rid of. The process can be frustrating and it might feel impossible to accomplish your goal. By following these steps to help break a bad habit, you should find it a bit easier to finally overcome your issues.

1 Admittance

In order to solve any problem, you have to admit that it exists. Pretending that it doesn’t will only hurt you in the long run. The first of the steps to help break a bad habit is accepting that you do it and that you need to stop. Say it out loud or write it on a piece of paper—just make sure it gets through to you. Realizing that it’s a problem is a crucial step, because if you don’t think what you’re doing is wrong, why would you stop?

2 Find the Cause

Try to figure out what triggers your bad habit. Do you find yourself doing it every time you’re nervous? Or maybe it only happens you’re bored? Whatever the case, it’ll be helpful to find the emotion connected to your bad habit. That way, you’ll be able to prepare to deal with the fault when the feeling occurs.

3 Keep It Conscious

Sometimes we do things without realizing, but you should try your hardest to be aware of when your bad habit comes out. If you know you mumble, listen to yourself whenever you talk. If you know you always crack your knuckles when you’re upset, sit on your hands when you start feeling sad. Don’t constantly stress about your bad habit, but always be aware of it.

4 Ask a Friend

If you still don’t notice when you’re preforming your bad habit, tell a parent or roommate about your issue. They can alert you whenever they see you do it. Having someone on your side can help you through your struggle. They can give you a pep talk and make sure that you stick to your goal. Two is better than one, so go talk to a friend.

5 Find a Solution

If you replace your bad habit with something new, it might make your goal easier. If you bite your nails, try chewing gum instead, or do something that will make your bad habit even less desirous. Decorate your nails until they look so pretty you wouldn’t dare ruin them. Any little thing that will give you incentive is worth it.

6 Reward Yourself

If you go a week or even a few hours without succumbing to your bad habit, give yourself a treat. Whether it’s a half hour of your favorite television show or an extra scoop of ice cream, you deserve it. It’s hard to break away from a routine. The praise will act as a motivator and will make you want to continue to do well. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself!

7 Keep It up

Never give up. If you feel yourself slipping back into bad habits, conjure up your strength. Know that any challenge can be completed. It takes a long time for your brain to get used to something new, so keep at it. Eventually, it’ll be become easier.

Use your willpower to stop any bad habits ASAP. What bad habit have you overcome? How did you do it?

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