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Unique Party Themes on a Low Budget That Don't Look Cheap ...

By Leiann

Who doesn't love a good party? However, not all of us are wealthy enough to throw big and expensive parties. But who says they all have to be big and expensive to be good? There are loads of unique party themes for low budgets. It's totally easy to throw a bash without spending your entire paycheck. Getting creative makes the party that much more fun.

Here are some great unique party themes for low budgets to you into the frugal hostess with the mostest!

1 Baked Potato Bar Theme

Whip out your crockpot, wrap the russets up in foil and cook on HIGH for 4 hours. Serve with a variety of toppings - from the usual butter and sour cream to spaghetti sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, and mushrooms! This is one of my favorite unique party themes for low budgets.

2 Book Swap

Have your friends bring their unwanted books. Arrange them in boxes with the spine facing out and go wild!

3 Clothing Swap

There is sure to be a good variety and it will be like your own little thrift shop or boutique.

4 Coffee Bar Theme

Go to the dollar store and buy some flavored coffee. While there, buy some cheap syrups, coffee creamers, sugar substitutes and don't forget some ice cube trays for the iced coffee lovers!

5 Potluck

Arrange the dishes on your kitchen table and tell everybody to help themselves. Have sturdy plates in case guests have to venture to other rooms.

6 Mocktails

Sure, we ALL know what cocktails are, but has everyone tried a mocktail? Make pitchers ahead of time of various virgin drinks. Most are totally delicious. You might start a trend!

7 Pajama Party

Have guests arrive in their pajamas. Have blankies and pillows out. Watch some movies and share bedtime stories.

8 Ethnic Party

Whether Italian, English, Mexican, etc., throw a party inspired by a certain ethnic group with food, decorations, and music.

9 Coupon Swap

Whether you are living in the big city or whether you live out in the country, far away from grocery stores, have friends clip coupons, bring the coupons to the party and have a little coupon party. If there is a coupon expert in the party, have them share a coupon discussion. Don't be ashamed to use coupons. There are millionaires that are frugal also.

10 Beach Party

This is probably the most popular one. Get some Hawaiian shirts, bermudas and leis for a fun party, even in the middle of winter.

11 Thrift Store Theme

Have each member come to the party wearing something they bought at a thrift store. Not only is it a party, but the money went to a good cause.

There you have it! You AND your wallet will be happy. Have a super celebration with family and friends knowing that YOU can be a social butterfly too. All it takes is a little imagination.

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