7 Ideas for Summer Party Themes ...


7 Ideas for Summer Party Themes ...
7 Ideas for Summer Party Themes ...

It’s nice to have a few summer party themes in mind for all of those fantastic get-togethers just waiting to happen. Summer is the prime time of year to have your friends over and bust out the grill, so why not make it even more fun and have a theme to your party? Guests could dress accordingly or you could simply center food and décor around your chosen theme. However you decide to host your summer bash, here are a few awesome summer party themes to get you started!

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Old-Fashioned Barbecue

One of the oldest summer party themes in the book, but one of the biggest hits! Who can resist juicy, fresh-grilled burgers, cold potato salad, baked beans, and a slice of fresh watermelon? You can set out some western décor if you want and request all guests wear their cowboy boots! Picnic tables with checkered tablecloths would be a perfect fit for this party theme.


Mexican Fiesta

Bust out the lime and cilantro for this party! You can serve up southwestern grilled chicken, tacos, salsa dips, and of course, margaritas! Don’t forget to have a piñata! Even if it’s an all-adult party, everyone will enjoy some fun and games, and of course, candy!


Bonfire Weenie Roast

With hectic schedules, fitting in time for a dinner party may be difficult. So why not have an evening affair? Most people are off work and out of classes by 8 pm. Throw a bonfire weenie roast, with all the s’mores you can handle! Most people don’t mind to stay out later on weekends, so try to plan your event for a Friday or Saturday night for a great turnout.


Dessert Bar

Who says that sugar rushes are only for kids? With this unique spin on a summer party, you only need to provide sweets. Ask guests to bring their favorite chocolate delight or a batch of cookies! It will be a great way to sample other recipes and have a nice variety of sweets on your table for guests to choose from.


Frozen Delights

This summer party theme is perfect for a hot summer day. Your food items will be all cold or frozen treats! Ice cream, milkshakes, slushies, frozen cream cheese bites, frozen fruits, and other yummy delectable delights will keep your guests cool while they mingle! Just make sure you don’t bring out the food until time to eat. You don’t want the hot sun to melt all your treats before you get to enjoy them!


Nautical Whimsy

Nautical themed parties are a lot of fun to prepare for. You can go as crazy with the décor as you want! An open seafood bar with shrimp bites, fish sticks, crab cakes, and other yummy dishes will keep your guests coming back for more. Nautical parties are a big hit if you live beach-side or own a boat that you could take out for the day.


Breakfast for Dinner

For this party theme, all you need are breakfast foods! Having breakfast for dinner is a fun way to mix it up and keep things interesting. You could have a theme such as build-your-own-crepe, or you could just make lots of yummy breakfast foods. Hash brown or egg casseroles are easy and crowd friendly!

I love all of these ideas for summer party themes, and can’t wait to get started hosting my own summer parties! My favorite things about summer parties are hosting them outside. You have an easier cleanup, and it’s an easy way to enjoy beautiful weather. What are your favorite summer party themes? Please share your inspiration below!

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Perfect! I'm so gonna use those ideas!

this article makes me want to have themed summer parties every week with the same group of people.

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