7 Fun Things to do at Home This Summer ...


7 Fun Things to do at Home This Summer ...
7 Fun Things to do at Home This Summer ...

Not everyone can afford to go on vacation to the beach or overseas every Summer, so I’ve come up with a list of fun things to do at home. Don’t have another boring Summer just because you can’t keep up with the Joneses, make this one of the best at home vacations your family has ever had. Explore and get dirty in your local park, visit the elderly and make them uplifting cards, plant flowers for your neighbor, and just do! No more sitting at home watching TV or checking Facebook, these fun things to do at home will make everyone else jealous of you this year...

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Make Homemade Ice Cream...

Make Homemade Ice Cream... Why buy ice cream from the store when you can make your very own for a fun thing to do at home this Summer! Some ice creams have too many artificial flavors in them and don’t really taste as fresh and creamy as they should. So when you make your homemade ice cream this Summer, you’ll know that you’ll be getting some of the best flavors in town, which will make everyone else want to try your recipe! Check out this great tutorial from kevinandamanda.com on how to make homemade ice cream without using an ice cream machine!


Put on a Neighborhood Talent Show

Put on a Neighborhood Talent Show No need to go to a concert or play this summer when you can put on your own neighborhood talent show! Whether your friends want to dance, sing, act, or all three, make a date of it and print up flyers to post around town for everyone to come join in on the fun. Who knows, you may even discover the next American Idol who lives right around the corner from you! You could even make it a weekly event and have judges who vote someone off each show and have a prize for the winner.


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Go on an adventure around town or through the park this Summer with a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items everyone has to find and be sure to take photos of each item on the list so everyone has proof. Don’t forget to make it a fun scavenger hunt with ideas like “Something that smells,” or “an ice cream covered face”! Make this a scavenger hunt they will want to make bigger and better each Summer.


Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping Invite your friends over for s’mores, scary ghost stories, and a night under the stars when you camp outside in your backyard! You don’t need a glamorous Summer camp when you can make your very own. Hang up white twinkling Christmas lights, bring out a few sheets to make a tent, and tell your friends to bring all the pillows they can carry. Oh and don’t forget the popcorn!


Start a Club...

Start a Club... There are so many ideas for great social clubs you can start in your neighborhood, and the Summer is probably one of the best times to start one. You can start a club for teens against texting and driving, or a club for teens who love photography. Call up a few of your friends for ideas and print flyers to post at the library asking other teens to join in. Before you know it, you’ll probably have a group of 10 or more teens and young adults who want to be part of your club!


Teen Yard Sale

Teen Yard Sale No adult junk allowed in this teen only yard sale! You all have some really great things hanging in your closets or stored under your beds that you just don’t use or wear anymore. So why not put together a teen yard sale where you can set it all up on tables for your friends to see and price it, or evenly exchange items! Now you can wear that neon lace top you’ve had your eye on that your friend hasn’t worn in a while and she can have the cool, spiked bracelet that you don’t wear any longer. It’s a win, win!


Start a Community Garden

Start a Community Garden You may have to ask your parents to call the township or city for permission first before you start a community garden. However, once you get permission, revitalizing an empty lot in town with a beautiful, blooming garden will bring everyone together for a great project. If the soil is safe you can even plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables to give to the local shelter. Do something great with your time this Summer and make a difference in someone else’s life.

What's on your list of fun things to do at home this Summer?

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Waterparks, startiin my own club, n makiin homemade iice cream.

I want to start a community garden, sadly I don't see that happening.

So want to do back yard camping and make home made ice-crem

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