7 Wonderful Ways to Make the Most out of Your Summer ...


7 Wonderful Ways to Make the Most out of Your Summer ...
7 Wonderful Ways to Make the Most out of Your Summer ...

There are so many things that come to mind when I think about ways to make the most of summer. Summer is definitely one of my favorite seasons because it's easier to hang out with my friends and enjoy being outdoors. There are tons of different activities that you can do in summer that wouldn't be as fun or that you can't do in other seasons. So, here is a list of my favorite ways to make the most of summer!

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Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks scream summer, with bright clothes, cold treats and thrilling rides surrounding you. Enjoying funnel cake, pretzels, Dipping Dots etc. are one of my favorite parts about the park. But, what’s most important is that you’re having a great time on fun rides, exciting games, and taking silly pictures with your family and the people you love. It’s definitely one of the best ways to make the most of summer.


Visit a Museum

Museums are awesome because they’re full of interesting and unique history, art, artifacts and stories. They have all kinds of museums too. Here in NYC they even have a Museum of Sex and a Museum of Transit! Try a Google search to find the most original themed ones in your area! There are some you could even get discounts on if you’re a student, and others that are free with a donation suggestion. Trust me, you’ll have a great time with your friends/family while learning and interacting with enlightening information too! You're keeping your brain active while out of school or work as an added bonus!


Join a Gym

I know that exercising isn't necessarily the first thing you think about when it comes to summer activities. But, in order to be fit, healthy and have enough endurance to tackle all your favorite sweat inducing summer activities like swimming, bike-riding, surfing, hiking etc, working out is a must! Also, if you're going to be wearing your favorite crop tops while you're out and about or bikinis at the beach, you want to be sure you look your best for it. So, whatever your goal is, go for it! Join a gym, and get healthy to tackle the summer right!



Nothing makes me happier and more humbled than volunteer work.I'm pretty sure it'll give you a warm fuzzy feeling too. Volunteer work is great because you are dedicating your extra time you get during the summer to either help others in need, fight for a cause, or clean up a nearby neighborhood. Helping out others who are less fortunate or just need some help is a good way to exhibit your kindness and make others feel special and taken care of. Plus, it's always a good addition on your resume too. It shows employees you're a giving and well-rounded person!



Though everyone can't afford to take an expensive trip out the states to enjoy their vacation, it doesn't help to stay home! Everyone needs a couple days filled with a little R&R, a nice breeze, bright sun and wind blowing in their hair. This is great if you travel to a tropical island where you can explore the cities/island, play in the beaches and eat exotic foods. But, you could have just as much fun taking a road trip to a state only a few hours away, and find a nice park to have a picnic or maybe a cool music festival you guys would enjoy.You get to take in different scenery and enjoy the day in a different town with your best buds. Either way, traveling is essential to making the most of your summer in a memorable way.

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Throw a Party or Barbecue

If your space allows it, why not have people over to your house for the most epic event of the summer? You don't have to go Project X crazy, but it has to be cool enough for everyone to remember as a special night in their summer. There's really nothing like good music, drinks, food, dancing and good friends at a party/barbecue event. You could even have it themed down to the clothing, so it'll be more-noteworthy! So, gather your closest friends, and start party planning!


Go to the Beach

Okay okay, I know this one sounds like a no-brainer, but I had to do it! There's no way you can fully enjoy the summer without visiting a beach. The beach is the epitome of summer. You can get a tan, read a book while lying the sun, play water sports, swim, surf or just plain hang out. It's my go to spot in the summer when I want to cool down and relax. Don't forget to build sandcastles while you're there!

Whether you spend all of your time at the beach, or perusing museums, it's good to try something new every once in a while. No one likes to get stuck into a boring routine! The activities I listed are fun, simple and memorable. They're activities that are timeless, and that can help you make the most out of summer! What are your ways to make the most of your summer? What summer activity do you like best?

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Great list! I'll definitely be hitting the gym and museums this summer!

Some away time from the city always cheers me up, no matter what the weather is like! :-)

@Havesiont1991 Stop spamming!

Love it

I love going to libraries and finding summer reads it's always super fun and you never know when you'll find your next favorite book

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