7 Types of Books to Read Next ...


Books to read next and enjoy to the max are something you’ll have no problem finding in one of these following categories! And whether you’re into epic fantasy, romance, practical books or spirituality – you can rest assured you’ll find great books to read next in order to keep yourself entertained in these chilly winter evenings. Let’s cut to the chase, then, shall we? Here’s where I think you should look for your next most favorite read.

1. Classic You’ve Read (or Failed to Read) in High School

Old, famous and unquestionably great – classics are always a good read! Add some of those well-known titles to your list of books to read next and you won’t regret it! And the best thing about it – these things are completely free! You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover I can find and download everything by clicking one little button in the upper right corner of my reader! Five clicks and 10 minutes later, I was up to my ears in Pride and Prejudice, slowly beginning to realize there’s way more to it than I could understand when I read it first, almost 10 years ago. My absolute favorites, Great Expectations and pretty much every single Sherlock Holmes adventure came next and that’s only the beginning! I also found great books I didn’t even know existed, not to mention Around the World in 80 Days – a book that was always unavailable in my school and public library and therefore never got to settle in my hands. It’s absolutely thrilling – all of those great books are there for us!

Urban Fantasy Romance
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