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Top 3 Worst Bad Habits of a College Student ...

By Sonya

When you head to college or university, you will be heading into a world of freedom. But with this freedom, comes responsibility. If you are immature about the learning environment, or do not have enough self control and thinking ability, you might find yourself falling behind with important work, deadlines, research papers, exams and other similar things. This article brings to light the major errors students make with their independence, and will help you improve in your academics. Below are the top 3 worst habits students have:

1 No Organisational Skills

Organisation and planning are crucial to ensure that you make deadlines for various pieces of work and are ready for exams. If you know you don’t do well with organisation, then make your own timetable, which makes allowances for free time, and stick to it.

2 Bad Attitude

Do not fall into the trap of arrogance just because you have made it to university. Approach your work with a desire to learn, and don’t be dismissive or a snob about things. Academics teaching you are not stupid, and will pick up on this, and their opinion of you will influence how ready they will be to help you if you fall into difficulties. Equally as important, is not to be complacent with work. Work at college is far more testing than at school, and you need to put aside real amounts of time for your studies.


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3 Lack of Creative Thinking

Academic prowess is not enough. At college, you will need to demonstrate ability across the board, and so don’t leave everything to your left brain. Be creative, and always look for new ways to study and interact, which will help you come up with interesting papers and more insightful presentations.

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