9 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Change Your Major ...


9 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Change Your Major ...
9 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Change Your Major ...

One of the best elements of being in college is the fact that you get to streamline your studies to the few subjects that you are really passionate about and interested in. When the time comes, you pick a major, and that becomes your primary focus for the rest of your degree, but what if some way through you realise that you would rather be studying something else? Here are nine important questions to ask yourself before you change your major.

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Is It Crucial to Your Career Ambitions?

Think about your current major and the one you want to switch to - which of them has better implications and future applications for the kind of job that you want to have when you graduate from college?


Is It a Good Fit?

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how interested you are in a certain subject; if it doesn’t suit your personality, it is never going to work out no matter how much you want it to. Certain subjects require much more external work and application than others, so if you don’t want that to take over your life, you need to consider it.


Are You Just Burnt out?

Perhaps you love what you are currently studying, but right now you are just going through a life patch where you feel overworked and burnt out. To see if that is the case, take a week or two off to clear your mind, and see if you feel the same way once you are refreshed.


Do You Have the Time?

If you change your major, you are going to have to spend more time at college than all of the friends you have made so far. Are you willing to commit that extra time, and do you even have that extra time to give?


Have You Spoken to an Advisor?

The isn’t the kind of decision that you should be making without outside advice. Seek out a college advisor and get their opinion on what you are planning to do.


Is It Affecting Your Mental Health?

Not enjoying a major is one thing, but having that major cause you real mental and emotional stress is another. Do you feel like you need to switch majors in order to save your mental health?


Have You Done the Research?

You need to make sure that you fully research your options before you make the decision to switch. There should be no surprises.


Are You Committed to College?

Maybe your feelings aren’t because of your major choice, but rather because you are having seconds thoughts about college in general? It is worth doing some soul searching to find out.


Are You Letting Fear Control You?

A major being hard shouldn’t be a big enough reason to want to swap it. Have you lost interest, or are you simply hitting obstacles that you need to overcome with hard work? Embrace the fear!

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