7 Tips on How to Say NO in an Assertive Way ...


In reality, saying NO isn’t that hard, you just need to learn a couple of simple, yet extremely effective techniques on how to say NO in an assertive way. A lot of people usually find it very hard to say NO to others, and most times their concerns are not grounded ‘cause apparently, somewhere along the way we have become conditioned to do what others want in order not to upset them. Remember that every time you say YES to something you don’t enjoy doing, you actually say NO to something you love, so that’s why, when you are asked to do something for someone, no matter how small, first try to think about your priorities and about what’s really important to you too. In this little article, I will give you a few hints on how to say NO in an assertive way, so that you won’t fear that the consequences of saying NO will upset the people who ask you to do them different favors.

1. Realize That It’s Okay to Say NO

The most important thing you should realize when you want to learn how to say NO in an assertive way is that it’s okay to say NO from time to time to certain people and to certain requests. Remember that you always have the right to say NO! Don’t be afraid that people may get upset if you decline their request; the open-minded ones and the ones who matter to you will understand your reasons for saying NO and will respect your choice.

Don’t Apologize!
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