8 Tips for Your First Tattoo ...


A tattoo is a decision you will live with forever, so learning some tips for your first tattoo is definitely something you need to do before getting in the chair! The moment I turned 18, I made an appointment to get my first tattoo, and almost six years later, I still don't regret it. That's because I did my research, and learned as many tips for my first tattoo as I could. So to help keep you from feeling regret later in life or expensive and painful laser surgery, here are 8 tips for your first tattoo!

1. Do Your Parlor Research

While a spontaneous trip to get your first tattoo seems like it would make a great story someday, you really should do your research before settling on the right tattoo parlor. This is one of the most important tips for your first tattoo because the wrong tattoo parlor can affect your overall health. Because there's a needle involved, you NEED to make sure you choose a parlor that's known for taking the proper health precautions to keep you safe from disease. Ask other people you know who already have tattoos what parlor they would recommend and which artist. Every artist has a specialty, so do your research to find the one near you who's the most skilled in the design you want.

Avoid Alcohol
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