7 Tips for a Cleaner Desk and an Uncluttered Workspace ...


One of the first things I Googled after I finished putting my furniture in my newly painted room was ‘tips for a cleaner desk.’ Your desk is where all the magic happens; it’s where you settle in when you have work to do. Since I’m not the cleanest person in the world, I decided that the best place to start my de-cluttering process was with a clean desk! So here are my 7 tips for a cleaner desk and uncluttered workspace.

1. Figure out Your Desk's Purpose

Figure out Your Desk's Purpose

This is the one tip that really stood out to me among all the tips for a cleaner desk that I found. Figure out what you use your desk for. Do you use it for drawing? Writing? Typing? Projects? Your desk has to help you accomplish what you use it for. I realized that the only time I really use my desk is when I’m typing away on my laptop. So I quickly figured out that all I truly needed on my desk was a lamp and my laptop, everything else was secondary. Figuring out what I use my desk for is one of the most useful tips for a cleaner desk that I’ve ever found!

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need
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