9 Times Not to Take Selfies No Matter How Much You Want to ...


Selfies are a fun way to express yourself, but there are quite a few times not to take selfies. I love sharing pictures of myself when I visit certain places or after a cut new hairstyle. What I can't believe is some of the incredibly inappropriate selfies people are taking lately. While some of these times not to take selfies should be obvious, you've likely seen people breaking these selfie etiquette rules yourself.

1. Memorials or Cemeteries

I'm not sure what the appeal of taking a selfie on hallowed ground is, but it's actually disrespectful. I've seen far too many people smiling in their selfie with a gravestone in the background. To be honest, it's kind of creepy. Think about whether you would want strangers talking fun, happy pictures over your grave. This one probably tops the list of times not to take selfies.

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