9 Things You Should Keep Secret ...


Things You Should Keep Secret are not always Christmas presents and surprise birthday parties. No, there are a few other things in life worth keeping on the down-low from time to time. I've written this list with 9 things you should keep secret-and believe me, many of these are from experience! Most of them are experiences I would rather forget, but let's just say you live and you learn. So here's YOUR chance to learn from MY mistakes with this list of things you should keep secret!

1. After-Work Plans

If you start dishing to your boss about the hot date you have planned after 6 p.m., don't you think she will be a bit suspicious when you call in with the "24-hour virus" the next day? Besides, there's always the annoying copy girl who wants to invite herself along for every after-work outing she catches wind of, so best remember that after-work plans are one of the things you should keep secret!

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