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7 Things We Never Seem to Have Enough of ...

By Artti

It feels like there are things we never seem to have enough of. We always are looking for more but it’s hard to find the results we want. This is mostly because a lot of these things are out of our hands, but it’s still nice to dream. Here are things we never seem to have enough of.

1 Money

The most obvious of all the things we never seem to have enough of is money! It takes hard work to make it but it’s more than easy to spend it. In fact, many people have some type of debt whether it be consumer debt or a loan for a car, house or an education. With all the necessities in life like food and bills which drain our savings account, there’s barely enough left for the things we do want like to travel, donate to charitable causes or just have some fun at the mall.

2 Time

Who decided that there should only be 24 hours in a day? By the end of the day I feel like I have a whole new laundry list of chores and tasks that need to be done for the next day, because I couldn’t complete everything I wanted to. Plus, there just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to get a full day’s work done, maintain the household, catch up with friends and family, complete all the miniscule tasks and get a moment of rest all in one day.

3 Good Friends

We all have acquaintances and friends of friends but it’s hard to find more than a handful of genuinely good friends. Good friends are people who you hang out with on a regular basis whether it be one-on-one or in a group, and even after spending all that time they don’t completely hate you. Friends that understand you but still love you completely are a rare species so when you do find them make sure to hold on to them.

4 Food

If you come from a big family or live with a ton of roommates (or just one roommate with a large appetite) then you will know that food is a rare commodity. On a serious note - even on a global scale, food is a luxury that many cannot afford. If only there were a cheaper way to cultivate, produce and manufacture food it would become more accessible to everyone.

5 Clothes

Regardless if you shop once a year or once a week, there will always be the midweek slump where you feel as if you have nothing to wear. Either everything doesn’t fit well, is in poor condition, isn’t in style anymore or you’re just plain bored with your wardrobe! If you’re someone who feels this way often, try thrift store shopping – not only will you be able to update your wardrobe regularly for a fraction of the price, but you’ll also find that most clothes are gently used to like-new!

6 Good Advice

For every piece of good advice we’ve received in our lives we’ve received 5 pieces of bad advice. Our friends and family mean well and have only the best intentions but sometimes they just don’t know what they’re talking about, and their advice can either can you in trouble or just get you zero results. Good advice is rare so take all the advice you get in life with a grain of salt and use your judgement.

7 Self Discipline

A quality I definitely wish I had more of; self discipline is something a lot of us seem to not have enough of. Instead, most of us let our laziness get the best of us and we procrastinate. Unfortunately it bites us in the ass and we have to work last minute and under pressure. Other times I wish I could have more self discipline is when it comes to my diet, exercise routine and spending habits.

These seven are not the only things we never seem to have enough of. For example, I would love to have more honest, hard working politicians or more global awareness about the economy. In your opinion, what are things we never seem to have enough of ?

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