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18 Things to Sell on EBay ...

By Melissa

Have you ever wondered what sort of things to sell on eBay? EBay is an online market to buy and sell goods. Many people use eBay as a virtual yard sale to get rid of things they have around the home they no longer want or use. Other’s use eBay to purchase things for less than at the store or to find that rare item they can’t seem to get anywhere else. Still others use eBay as a business. These people spend time at garage sales and thrifts store looking for amazing deals that will turn into big profit on eBay. If you want to become one of those last people than please read my list of 18 things to sell on eBay.

1 Bumbo Seat

You probably have one of these lying around the house if you’ve had a baby in the last few years. If not you can also check thrift stores and garage sales. Chances are you can score one for less than $5. This is good, because I’ve seen them go for over $20 on eBay.

2 Golf Polo Shirts

Men pay a lot of money to look nice on the golf course with their friends. Some name brand golf apparel can cost up to $200. Luckily Goodwill sales these same shirts for less than $5. Expect to profit at least $20 per shirt.


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4 Legos

Legos are great things to sell on eBay. Have you seen the price of these multicolored blocks with sharp corners and textured tops used to connect together to build whatever the inner child in you can imagine. Did I mention these bad boys hurt like heck when you step on them barefooted? If your children have a ton of Legos they have out grown get some of your money back and re-sell them. I’ve seen large lots of Legos sell for $200 and up.

5 Men’s Blazers

Good quality men’s blazer and sports jackets are another splendid find. Most of the used ones you find will be in excellent condition which is important for re-sell. Be sure to take good pictures to get details. Also include seamstress measurements of the blazer in your listing.

6 Vintage Pyrex

You know those big glass mixing bowls and casserole dishes your grandma has in her kitchen. They come in all sorts of colors like reddish orange, olive green, and teal blue. The casserole dishes all have a heavy clear glass lid. These are hot items to sell on eBay. Estate sells might be a good place find them.

7 Character Sheets

Think of some of your favorite cartoons from back in the day. I’m talking about The Smurfs, Charlie Brown, or Star Wars. If you can find vintage character sheets in decent condition than consider you just hit a goldmine.

8 Vintage Hot Rollers

Pageant moms and beauty queens love vintage hot rollers. The ones you buy at the store now days don’t heat up nearly as hot as the ones I had growing up. I once sold a set of vintage rollers I found at a garage sale for $53. I knew they would sale well, but I didn’t not expect a $50 profit.

9 Weight Watchers Slow Good Cookbook

Do you have this cookbook at home? If so I suggest you make copies of the recipes you like and put that thing on eBay right now. For whatever reason, this book is an excellent item to sell on eBay. Book is almost new condition sell for $80.

10 Cashmere Sweaters

Don’t you just love the feeling of soft 100% cashmere on your skin? Well guess what, so do eBay buyers. This means good news for you. Look for used cashmere sweaters at thrift stores and garage sales. The brand name doesn’t seem to matter as much with these. Be sure to get a picture of the label stating it is 100% and include any slight imperfections. Many buyers don’t care about a little snag as long as they know about it before purchasing.

11 Dansko Clogs

I’m not a big fan of these shoes, but they seem to be a good thing to sell on eBay. Maybe they are hard to find in the U.S. Whatever the reason is, don’t forget to check for these when you go yardselling.

12 IPhones

If you recently upgraded to a newer iPhone, then try selling your old one on eBay. Remember without an upgrade discount these phones easily cost $699 for the most recent model. You can expect to get more than what you paid for your upgrade if your phone is in good condition.

13 Broken IPhones

Did your iPhone screen break and leave you in a sea of tears as you headed out to buy a new replacement? Hopefully you didn’t chunk the ruined one out the window. Even iPhones with water damage or other serious defaults can turn over a pretty penny on eBay. I’m talking between $150 to $200 or more if the only problem is a cracked screen. Many people fix these phones and resell them or use the pieces to fix other phones to resell.

14 Bargain Shopper

Are you a good bargain shopper? Maybe you are coupon queen and have a stockpile of shampoo that you paid noting for. If this is you and your stockpile is taking over your living room than unleash that pile on eBay. You can make a good profit buying items with coupons to resell on eBay. If are open to selling to overseas buyers, you can make even more money for products that are not offered in Europe.

15 Locally Made Goods

Is your area well known for a product or item that people can’t get just anywhere? If so consider these things to sell on eBay. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and start your eBay selling.

16 Discontinued Products

Think about some of your favorite makeup or skin care items that have been discontinued. At the time wouldn’t you have paid an arm and a leg to get them. Well that is exactly what some buyers on eBay are doing. Often you kind find discontinued items at closeout stores like Big Lots or even the dollar store.

17 Half Empty Bottles of Perfume

Maybe your ex gave you a bottle of Chanel No. 5, but now after a horrible breakup the smell of it makes you want to hurl. No worries! There’s a girl out there that just dabbed her last bit of Chanel on and she is desperate to get her hands on more. Unfortunately for her she can’t afford to pay for a full bottle. Put that bottle on eBay and help her out. Once you get paid take your girls out for a drink or two.

18 Crafts

Are you crafty? I know most craft people sale there goods on but eBay is still a good place to sale your crafty items.

As you can see the option of things to sell on eBay are endless. You know the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” If you don’t want it, someone else does and they are ready to pay for it. If you have ever sold on eBay what were some of the things you have found to sell well.

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