7 Wacky Forms of Alternative Energy ...


People are constantly coming up with wacky types of alternative energy. The world’s dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and oil is having a devastating effect on both the environment and our wallets. Coal and oil are not only dirty and damaging, but the sheer cost of extracting them from the earth is increasing, leading scientists across the globe to consider types of alternative energy which we could turn to in our hour of need. Some of them aren’t conventional, and some are plain outrageous, but these types of alternative energy are definitely thought-provoking and could well be the places we turn to next for our energy needs.

1. Gym Exercise

What types of alternative energy can be better than using us, the humans? Those of us who frequent state of the art gyms could soon be finding that not only are you starting to burn off calories as you exercise, but that you are also being used by the gym to generate electricity. A machine has been developed in Hong Kong that converts our muscle power into electricity, with absolutely no difference to the way you exercise. Estimates show that depending on the machine, exercise intensity and the fitness of those exercising, up to 500 watts per hour could be produced, enough to power up to 6 desktop computers for an hour!

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