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49 Things That Prove All That Glisters is Gold ...

By Neecey

In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare said "all that glisters is not gold" - wrong! I'm here to tell the Bard of Avon and my fellow stalkers that all that glisters IS gold.

1 Pure Gold

Pure GoldVia GOLD
Few of us will probably ever get to handle a gold ingot. It's one of the gold things we can but dream of.

2 Gold Bracelets

Gold BraceletsVia 20 Chic Pieces of Jewelry ...
Thick or thin bracelets - we don't mind. It's the gold that matters.


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3 Gold Dress

Gold DressVia Give Me a Glint Gold ...
You're sure to sparkle in this.

4 Diamond Ring

Diamond RingVia
Who doesn't love a bit of antique bling?


Declare your love for gold.

6 Kate Spade Gold Glitter Watch

Kate Spade Gold Glitter WatchVia kate spade new york Women's ...
Keeps you punctual and looks mighty fine while doing so.

7 Gold Typewriter

Gold TypewriterVia Adventure Mom
Could knock out a solid gold bestseller, maybe.

8 Gold Eyeliner

Gold EyelinerVia Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...
Draw attention to your beautiful peepers.

9 Gold Cupcake

Gold CupcakeVia Gold
Edible or not it looks fab-u-lous dahling!

10 Thigh Chain

Thigh ChainVia Palm Thigh High
Now that's one of the gold things I've never seen before. I love it.

11 Gold Bubbles

Gold BubblesVia Gold is Life
I didn't think you could make champagne any better. How wrong I am.

12 Gold Leaf

Gold LeafVia {this is glamorous}
A touch of gold leaf makes any decorating project zing.

13 Gold Glitter Pants

Gold Glitter PantsVia Sequined Gold Silver Leggings Glitter ...
Dare you wear?

14 Gold Bath

Gold BathVia smg design ★ like cool ...
Ready to bathe like a queen?

15 Gold Sneakers

Gold SneakersVia Gold Goddess Fashion
Your feet deserve to be treated too.

16 Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf CloverVia Real four leaf clover necklace ...
Lucky gold.


LOUBOUTINSVia Athra Luxe™ Offical Website
Bling for your feet.

18 Gold Nails

Gold NailsVia nails

Beyond metallic, into luxury.

19 Gold Tufted Chair

Gold Tufted ChairVia INDECEN†
You know your bottom deserves to sit on a gold throne like chair.

20 Gold Lips

Gold LipsNo one could resist such kissable lips.

21 Gold Doors

Gold DoorsVia
Gold is jewelry for buildings too.

22 Gold Books

Gold BooksVia Jewelry: Gold books Pinaholics ...
Books are precious too.

23 Gold Cutlery

Gold CutleryVia smg design ★ like cool ...
Dine in style.


Gold EVERYTHINGVia Stairway to Heaven
I have no idea where this is, but I want to go there.(The Gold Mall in Dubai maybe?)

25 Gold Passport

Gold PassportVia Abas 'Metallic Wave' Passport Cover ...
VIPS only.

26 Veil of Gold

Veil of GoldVia African Marriage Ritual Photos -- ...
Gold enhances natural beauty.

27 Golden Bicycle

Golden BicycleVia
Wouldn't this inspire you to cycle more?

28 Gold-Dipped Playing Cards

Gold-Dipped Playing CardsVia Metallic Playing Cards
Are you feeling lucky?

29 Gold Wreath

Gold WreathVia
Gold has been prized since ancient civilizations. This is a Thracian ornament from the 4th Century BCE.

30 Looking Good

Looking GoodVia Feeling...
But of course you do.

31 Gold Car

Gold CarVia all gold everything
Well this sure makes a statement.

32 Gold Clutch

Gold ClutchVia
Show you've got a heart of gold.

33 Versace

VersaceWhere would Versace be without gold?

34 Gold Oreos

Gold OreosVia
The king of cookies.

35 Elephant Bookends

Elephant BookendsVia Elephant Bookends
I'd happily have these to keep my books in order.

36 Gold Foil Cupcake Liners

Gold Foil Cupcake LinersVia Gold Foil Cupcake Liners (50)
Show off your cupcakes.

37 Golden Egg

Golden EggVia Color - Golden Touch
We can all dream of success.

38 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Coin

Queen Elizabeth II Gold CoinVia $300 Million Royal Mints : ...
If you want to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee with a special coin, it will cost you a cool $3 million. The coin is 99.9999% pure gold and set with a stunning diamond.

39 Gold Laptop

Gold LaptopVia

Did you know there are companies that specialize in coating our favorite gadgets in gold?

40 Gold Balloons

Gold BalloonsVia pink-gold-wedding-ideas-14
Nothing says a celebration quite like gold balloons.

41 Lionel Messi

Lionel MessiVia What's he wearing?
Lionel Messi is a multiple winner of the Ballon D'Or - soccer's highest honor.

42 Gold Bouquet

Gold BouquetVia September 9th
Give your wedding the Midas touch.

43 Golden Sunset

Golden SunsetVia Inspiration
Gold enhances the natural beauty of our world.

44 Oscar

OscarVia 2013 Oscar Nominees - Lincoln ...
The ultimate accolade for an actor.

45 Golden Labrador

Golden LabradorVia Dogs as Assistants and Hearers ...
Pooches come in gold too. So adorable.

46 Honey

HoneyVia L'amaranto e il melograno
Nature's gold.

47 Blinged up Converse

Blinged up ConverseVia Crystal Car Keys | Crystal ...
When humble gets gorgeous.

48 David Beckham

David BeckhamVia
You may wonder why David Beckham is on a list of gold things. Did you know his wife, Victoria calls him Golden Balls?

49 Golden Ticket

Golden TicketVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Where would your golden ticket take you?

Have I proved what I set out to do at the beginning? Do you agree that all is glisters is gold?

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